Review: LapBaby – The Hand Free Seating Aid

Review: Lap Baby - The Hand Free Seating Aid

The LapBaby is one of those non-essential baby items that just makes life a little easier for you (which is always welcome when you have a new baby!).

Every dinner time, or every time my 4 year old asks me to play with him I have to start by deciding where it is best to put baby down. Which room is the bouncer chair in, shall I wheel the pushchair in, move the moses basket etc etc?!

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The LapBaby allows you to have your hands free whilst keeping your baby comfy and close to you and allows your baby to see and still join in. The LapBaby can be used prior to baby being able to support themselves in a high chair so can be used for the early stages of weaning, particularly if you do baby led weaning and allow baby to explore the food on your plate. Whilst on holiday or out for dinner this can be particularly useful.

You can use the LapBaby from roughly 3 months old when your baby can hold their head up on their own. It is a velcro belt that wraps round your tummy and holds your baby securely on your lap. There are handy clips to attach toys to and even an inbuilt detachable cloth to catch any dropped food. It comes with a case so you can easily take it out and about with you on your travels and it is not too bulky.

It can fit in a changing bag easily. It is handy for meeting friends at the coffee shop or going on train or plane journeys. I doubt you can use it to eat your meal on a plane as chances are that baby will be too close to grab everything off the plate, but it certainly frees up your hands to have a drink or entertain an older child. It makes a good, smaller alternative to a travel high chair for the early months.

Review: Lap Baby - The Hand Free Seating Aid

It does work really well but obviously it’s use is all dependant on how much your baby likes it. I’m sure that some babies would happily sit in it for ages where as others won’t. As my baby has got older she is less willing to sit for longer periods of time so I found it more effective when she was 3 and 4 months old therefore (for us) only giving the LapBaby a small life span, but then isn’t that the case with a lot of baby products!

I think this would make a great new baby/baby shower gift and it is reasonably priced at £24.99, it can also be bought on Amazon. It’s a bit different and maybe something that you wouldn’t ordinarily buy for yourself. It is small enough to pack when going on your travels and would just help make travelling with a small baby that little bit simpler!

NB: Helen received the LapBaby to review but all views are her own.


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