Review | Goldilocks and the Three Bears – St Helens Theatre Royal

Review | Goldilocks and the Three Bears – St Helens Theatre Royal

Walking into the theatre after two years absence was incredible. Watching my three year old be mesmerised by the atmosphere and taking it all in was heart-warming. The last time she went to panto she was a 1 year old along with her brother who at the time was 3. Once he walked through the doors at St Helens Theatre Royal he also remembered that amazing feeling you get, especially around Christmas time. Panto and Christmas are the perfect love match.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears did not disappoint. I was hesitant as I was concerned that the show would not capture and maintain their attention. How wrong was I. My little girl sat on the edge of her chair throughout the show completely transfixed. She couldn’t control her little hips and arms when the singing began. 

Baron Von Vippall the villain played by Timothy Lucas was excellent.  So much so my 5 year old came to sit on my knee for comfort when he appeared (although he too could not turn away and was enthralled). 

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Silly Billy played by Scott Gallagher was by far the children’s favourite. I can still hear them chanting ‘Silly Billy’ as I type. 

And who can forget Dame Gertie played by David Phillips-Davis. The character brought the show to life and his voice was just amazing. 

Review | Goldilocks and the Three Bears – St Helens Theatre Royal

The set and costumes were equally as fantastic, the detail, the number of outfit changes and the colours really brought the show to life. 

Between the fire performance, professional dancers and the silks performance I haven’t seen a show in a long time that managed to jam pack so much entertainment and skills into just a couple of hours – incredible. 

The show really did target both children and adults with the much loved double entendres which made the adults giggle and it passed over the children’s heads, they bounced off the laughter of the grownups.

All in all the performance was a ‘belly laugh’ from start to finish and I would whole heartily recommend that you attend Goldilocks and the Three Bears at St Helens Theatre Royal

Opening Night: 10 December 2021
Final Performance: 09 January 2022

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