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Review | Catgill Farm Campsite near Bolton Abbey

Catgill Farm Campsite is near Skipton, North Yorkshire and whilst not too far in terms of miles (50 miles), it’s about 1.5hrs drive from home. We were happy to drive a bit further this time as both families were able to set off on Friday lunch time so we knew we had plenty of time to travel over and get set up comfortably in day light (as opposed to the downpours and darkness of our trip to Crowden last month!)

Pitching a tent in the wind is tricky

Whilst the weather wasn’t too bad on Friday afternoon, the wind did cause us a few problems. Catgill Farm Campsite is on a hill and fairly exposed so it was really very windy – we ended up damaging our ground sheet when a gust of wind whipped under it and ripped it from the tent pegs! Thankfully we managed to get everything else up without too much hassle but wind was definitely a theme for our weekend at Catgill.

To read more about Colette and families trip to Catgill Farm Campsite near Bolton Abbey just read on here.

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