Rainy Day Fun: Activities for the Whole Family in the UK

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Whether you’re visiting the UK or a permanent resident, you’re likely to experience many rainy days. Surrounded by your family, these rainy days don’t mean you have to sit around and do nothing. In fact, rainy days are the ideal reason to spend some family time together and enjoy multiple fun activities.

At Home Activities

Sometimes, you’re not in the mood to leave the house. Luckily, there are a range of exciting activities you can do right from home.

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Play Games

Playing games is one of the first activities to consider. If you have excellent data coverage like you’d have using Holafly’s eSIM package and a phone, then you can play trivia games like Knowledge is Power. However, another option is to stick to good old-school board games that kids and adults alike can enjoy. Allow family members a chance to choose their game of choice, and work your way through it.

Bake Together

Another option is to bake something together. With more hands, it can become messy, but it’s also a fantastic bonding experience. A further benefit is that you have delicious baked goods at the end of it for everyone to enjoy. Kids also get the bragging rights that they made cookies, cupcakes, cakes, or any other baked goods.

Create Something

Rainy days are practically made for letting your creativity loose. Sit down as a family and create art together, or use Lego or other blocks to create an architectural marvel. This is a way to let loose your imagination or even get help with that DIY project you’ve been putting off.

Getting Out of the House

If it’s raining outside, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re stuck in the house. You might not be able to go to a festival with the kids, but there are a host of exciting activities you can complete outside of your home.

Visit an Aquarium

An aquarium is an excellent option that never gets old. Something about sea creatures is mesmerising, so take the kids to see fish, sharks, dolphins, sea turtles and more. It can also become an educational trip by teaching the kids about these creatures.

Walk Through a Museum

You might think a museum is a boring choice for a rainy day, but that’s far from the truth. Choose a museum based on your family’s preference, and have a fun day out walking between the different displays. Learn more about cultures, history, science and more at museums. A fantastic example is the Roald Dahl Museum.

Do a Fun Activity Together

There are many indoor activities to give a go. Crazy golf is a surefire way for adults and kids to enjoy themselves and have a bit of a friendly competition between family members. Another option is breaking out of an escape room by working together as a critical thinking and bonding exercise. If you want kids to get rid of built-up energy, maybe visit a trampoline park.

Keep Your Family Busy on a Rainy Day!

There are many activities families can do together indoors on a rainy day. Keep it simple at home or organize an excursion to another indoor venue. Have a look at what’s close to you, and plan the perfect indoor day of fun.

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