Rainy Christmas Day Out at Thomas Land


Last weekend we spent a very wet and rainy day at Thomas Land with some friends. We live about 5 hours apart and Thomas Land is in the middle. We had a brilliant time there last Christmas and decided to book it again this year.


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When we woke up in the morning the rain was bouncing off the windows. Had we not booked and paid and had this not been our chance to see our friends this year then I really don’t think we would have left the house. However we packed our waterproofs (scratch that basically our ski gear) and set off on the drive down to Tamworth.


A couple of text messages confirmed that our friends had felt the same as us about leaving the house but we all bravely soldiered on. There was a soft play area and a 4D cinema anyway and we could be home for 3pm if needs be.

Thankfully when we arrived the rain had stopped a little, so we didn’t get soaked getting the kids in their waterproofs. We did however see quite a lot of cars already stuck in the mud. I understand however they had a few Landrovers around to pull people out at the end of the day if they needed it so people were reassured by that.

We had arrived for 10, but the rides didn’t actually open until 10:30am (check the times properly, I obviously didn’t).  Harold the Helicopter was our first ride as one of mine hadn’t been brave enough to ride it last time and she had remembered she needed to do it.


The main reason Thomas Land is so good for 3-8 year olds is that all the rides are the perfect size for them. Not too scary and really good fun.  None of the rides seemed to be struggling with the rain either so nothing stopped even when it poured.



The rain probably actually worked in our favour too as it was definitely quieter than it had been this time last year and we managed to get on loads of rides before lunch at 12.30.



We had taken a picnic but the lure of the Burger restaurant (well the hot coffee and the warmth) meant we kept the picnic for tea and ate burger and chips for lunch (more seating upstairs so make sure you look up there) and with 5 meals for £20 ish I didn’t think that was too bad.


Lunch finished just in time for our slot with Santa at 1.45.  Well I say slot, in fact the time on our tickets only represented a place in the queue.  This was probably the most disappointing bit of the day. Last year we had a timed slot, turned up, and were in to see Santa within 15 minutes. This time we turned up, realised the 1.30 people hadn’t got into the proper queue yet, so we went off to the toilet, came back, and still waited 45 minutes to get in. An elf suggested they had sold quite a lot more tickets this year and you really could tell.  Having been one of our best Santa experiences last year, it was instead probably one of the worst queues.  Santa himself saved it for us and he was kind, warm and sang Happy Birthday to my hubby with the girls. They were thrilled.



After Santa our older girls took a ride on Ben 10 and we went to the 4D Cinema to see Polar Express. All 4 girls loved this and I have to say it was done really very very well. I was also warm for 45 minutes so I was very happy indeed.


We meandered through the zoo before taking a trip on Percy back to Thomas Land itself. Definitely worth doing it this way round as the queues are so much shorter at the zoo end than in Thomas Land out.  We even managed 9 of us in the carriage!


By the time we got back to Thomas Land (4.30pm by this stage) it had quietened down and there wasn’t really any queues for the rides so we made the most of the last hour and a half before watching the parade, drinking hot chocolate and watching the fireworks over the lake.


In the end we had an amazing day and left after the fireworks at 6pm! Thomas Land had once again been a perfect location for our Christmas meet up regardless of the weather.


NB: We paid for our tickets and this is not a sponsored post in anyway.

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12 thoughts on “Rainy Christmas Day Out at Thomas Land”

  1. ah it looks like you made the most of your day despite all of the rain! Disappointing about Santa though – when we went a few years ago we were straight in too. We once queued 2 hrs 45 mins for Santa after paying £60 at a local attraction!! Never again!

  2. I’ve heard a lot of positive reviews about Thomas Land and think we need to visit there soon but I’m sorry to hear your Santa visit didn’t live up to expectations #whatevertheweather

  3. Wow! I’ve been meaning to go to Thomas Land for ages! My folks are in Brums so this would be a great place to meet up. I think we should stayed over night though as fireworks after 6pm – the kids will be truly tired. Well, actually including me too!. haha Love your second photo! Smile for the camera! Haha! #WhateverTheWeather

  4. Great to see the day turn out so well from one you might not have taken had the plans not already been in place with your friends. Sounds like apart from the queue for Father Christmas the rest of the place was quieter and it is usually only us parents deterred by the weather and not the kids, the smiles and laughter would certainly support this. I rather wish Thomas land was around when mine were young, the engine went on tour back then so we did see it once but nothing like the place that exists today. A very Merry Christmas to you all, thank you for joining in with #CountryKids and for supporting my linky all year again.

  5. We went to Thomas Land when my wife was pregnant with our youngest. We had a great day. Love the fact Santa was there! Maybe that made up for the weather? #CountryKids

  6. Ahhhh such a lovely day out. I’m glad you had fun despite the weather and that you managed to warm up watching the 4d film!!! We can’t wait to go up to Thomas Land. My partner LOVED Thomas when he was small so I think it’ll be more for him haha. Such beautiful pictures too!! Thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather this year and supporting our linky! We love reading about your family adventures. I hope we see you next year. Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas! xx

  7. Love the grumpy faces photo! I know that feeling when you’ve booked something, but the weather is completely awful, but you go anyway! I’m stubborn so when I’ve decided the day before we’re going out then we’re going out! It looks like you guys had a fantastic time anyway and the rides look great. My boys would love it! A shame about the queue for Santa, but at least he was a really nice Santa when they did visit him! 🙂
    Thank so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather this year, hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year! 🙂 xx


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