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On Saturday some friends went to the Theatre to see Octanauts and updated their status on facebook to say how good it was. I had been meaning to book but hadn’t quite got round to it, so we chanced a last minute booking and went along on Sunday. At £16 a ticket it certainly wasn’t the cheapest activity for a family of 5, but the girls have literally not stopped talking about it since. We are currently not allowed to call them Lily, Izzy and Eve. We have to call them Captain Barnacles, Kwazi and Tunip (no idea if I have spelt all those names right!).

Before the show starts two Octanaut cadets wander round the audience chatting to the kids. It’s a nice touch. Izzy was on the end of the row and she had a lovely chat with this kind man! She was smitten.

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As soon as the show started my three were engaged, and that’s how they remained until the end.


We have been to quite a few shows now and I am still debating if an interval is a good thing or not. Octanauts does have an interval and this allows for a longer show which is a good thing but with kids you do kind of lose the momentum when you have a 15 minute break in the middle. For us a show that lasts an hour with no interval probably suits us the best.

That being said, this is how Izzy sat for the whole show, literally on the edge of her seat.




When the Octanauts arrived on stage as life size characters the whole audience cheered. They literally got the kids going immediately.  There was a good plot with full on ‘toddler style’ adventure.  The songs were catchy (but not too repetitive) and they got all the kids up dancing a few times.  They got them counting and chanting and cheering.  There was one scary bit when the volcano nearly blew up, and they were all genuinely scared.  So we had a few tears.  All in all it seemed the perfect balance for a kids show.

Negatives? The usual bug bear of mine of expensive tat to buy just as you walk in, but that’s the same with every show, not Octanuats dependant!

So all in all a fab production, hitting just the right balance for toddlers and big kids. One to see!




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  1. We took Lucas to this on Saturday and he was just the same, absolutely riveted. It gave me a headache and we had to buy the Captain Barnacles spinner, urgh!! It was his treat day out with us though and he had the best time, it makes it much more bearable when you can see how much they love it!


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