NSA 3-in-1 All Weather Protector

3 in 1 All Weather Protector

Our week away in Majorca was set to be sunny. Yey! Time to try out the NSA 3-in-1 All Weather Protector. This product’s marketing material boasts that it is compatible with most car seats and travel systems. Well, it certainly worked with our MaxiCosi car seat and, honestly, it is so easy to use that it almost popped itself on there!! The Protector can be used with the minimum of fuss and no faffing: you simply take it out of its very handy and extremely lightweight bag and it springs out into a tent-shaped construction which fits neatly over your car seat. The elasticated bottom means the fit is nice and snug.

The 3-in-1 Protector offers, you got it, three forms of protection for your baby in their car seat: against the rain, against the sun and against the critters. It was the latter two that really interested us for our trip abroad. The sunshade for UV protection and the mesh layer which not only provides ventilation (very important for your baby’s health!) but also protection against nasty bitey insects (also important!!)

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So, did it work? Our little Tabitha is a sun-sneezer. Bless her, she sneezes when she is in direct sunlight and so the 3-in-1 Protector worked a treat for her when we were on holiday to keep her nice and shady. Not that I would have left her in the direct sunlight in her car seat in case she over-heated but the Protector did its job well from a sun-shade and ventilation perspective because she didn’t get hot and bothered in it. And no insect bites to report of (and that was without using the baby-friendly mosquito repellent!) Another great thing is the zipped window which opens up the whole front of the product to provide easy access to your baby.

3 in 1 All Weather Protector

Erm, did I mention how easy it is to use?! Again, let me reiterate, it just pops out and you place it over your car seat. If you want to carry the car seat with the 3-in-1 Protector over it, there is a Velcro opening at the top so that you can easily access your car seat handle. What about when you aren’t using it? Just twist it up and place it back into its carry bag. Simple and so easy. The whole product is very portable and light as the proverbial feather.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?! But my overriding issue with the 3-in-1 All Weather Protector has nothing to do with the design of the product at all but rather with the limited amount of times that it can be of use because you cannot constantly transport your baby in their car seat! Having said that, at a retail price of less than £20 (depending on where you purchase it), for those times when you need to carry your baby in and out of the car, or they are sleeping and you don’t want to wake them, or simply for ease, the 3-in-1 All Weather Protector is great. Having come back from its holidays, ours is in the back of the car now for use when it is raining (the splash proof rain cover zips away into a little pouch when it is not needed) or when the sun catches me by surprise in this country (!) and I need to transport Tabitha in her MaxiCosi.

NB: Fiona received the NSA 3-in-1 All Weather Protector for the purposes of review but all her views are her own.

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