Motorhome Hire For The Family: What To Expect When Renting One

Motorhome Hire For The Family: What To Expect When Renting One

Motorhome rentals are a great choice for anyone who likes the outdoors but isn’t a fan of traditional camping. 

An entirely different family camping experience can be achieved by renting a camper and camping in a recreational vehicle (RV), such as a motorhome. As getting this right will require a perfect motorhome hire, here are some things to be aware of when renting a recreational vehicle for an outdoor excursion with your family to create a great camping memory that’ll last a lifetime:

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  • There Are Different Motorhome Rental Choices Available 

Renters can choose between A-, B-, and C-class motorhomes. Making the best decision should be aided by considerations such as the number of people travelling, the length of the trip, the budget, and the anticipated level of comfort.

  • A-Class Motorhomes

These luxurious RVs offer plenty of internal areas for families. These motorhomes’ heavy-duty chassis, the RV storage capacity, and the living quarters it provides are what determines whether a motorhome as Class A or not. These are recommended for travellers looking to do long-term travel or mobile living. 

A-class motorhomes are the biggest and most expensive alternative you can buy if you travel as a family and offer all the comforts of home. With fully furnished interiors and family-friendly amenities, it can sleep as high as eight people and is suitable for large families with kids.

  • B-Class Motorhomes

This category of vehicles, which is under Van Conversions, tends to be smaller and less imposing than class A motorhomes. Since there isn’t enough room for luxuries like washers or a spacious kitchen, Class B accommodations are typically down to the bare essentials: a toilet, shower, and bed. 

However, ample storage spaces, onboard restrooms with showers, and a well-stocked cooking area are among the essential features many Class B RVs come with. May easily sleep between six adults and can fit large families with kids. 

  • C-Class Motorhomes

In general, these coachbuilt RVs are bigger than class B motorhomes. 

Any motorhome hire with a cabin or split framework is referred to as a class C vehicle. It usually has a frontal design like a van and there are rooms for resting, dining, laundry, and living, in addition to seats, opening doors, and storage compartments. Most of the amenities of a home are included in this type of motorhome, which typically accommodates two to six people. 

Motorhome Hire For The Family: What To Expect When Renting One

Once you’ve found a reputable rental company, they’ll ask for a deposit when you make your reservation prior to your and your loved ones’ motorhome trip. Usually, the deposit needed to retain your reservation is deducted from the total price of your rental. Nearly all recreational vehicle rental services need a security deposit, which is the other type of deposit. If you return the RV intact at the end of your journey, you can get your money back. 

Regarding insurance, it’s required when hiring an RV. Some leasing firms might offer insurance and will likely charge an additional fee. If the rental company doesn’t provide insurance, you must purchase it on your own. Your auto insurance provider is the best place to go for this.                                                

  • Verify Daily Mileage Limits

Before determining which RV is ideal for your trip. Ask further questions regarding daily distance. This is because some of these motorhomes have daily mileage restrictions. Unless you plan to park the van, calculate the total distance you expect to go and divide it by the total number of days you plan to retain the RV to help you make a decision. Before renting a motorhome, it’s a good idea to find out how much going over the mileage allowance will cost.

  • Motorhome Hire Costs Differ

Motorhome hire will cost more at busy times of the year, just like renting any other kind of transportation. You’ll pay a daily rate for your RV rental, just like you’d do for a car. Additionally, your daily fee will be more expensive the larger the motorhome. You might be charged for each mile you drive your rental vehicle, in addition to the daily rate. To prepare for the rental company’s price per mile, try to have your trip at least partially planned out in advance.

There are additional costs to consider when hiring an RV. Such as, how many nights at a minimum will the hire be for? Most people will not rent an RV for only one night, as most require two to three nights and others as few as four or more. 

Taxes are another thing to think about. Every rental includes this addition, and the rental page will display the whole cost to you. Aspects like the owner filling the camper with additional supplies would be considered extra costs in addition to the rental payment and taxes at request. 


Feeling completely equipped to locate the ideal rental? Set off on the road, and hire a motorhome for your family. Take that bold decision and make unforgettable memories by setting out to enjoy the freedom and unlimited fun by travelling with your family. 

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