Travel Tips: Mister Maker Craft Boxes

Mister Maker Craft Boxes

The Mister Maker craft boxes by toucanBOX are a small but perfectly formed resource which, once you subscribe, arrives in the post, small enough to fit through your letter box. A little smaller than a piece of A4 paper and invitingly decorated, the box is tightly packed with all you need to complete a craft based project.

Mister Maker Craft Boxes

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When you open the box, you are greeted with a little message from Mister Maker himself, and briefed with the challenge you have been set, based around a theme. We had several boxes to choose from, themes around puppets, bees and dragonflies, a night time scene and the circus. My daughter and her willing craft buddy were given the choice and quickly opted for the bees and dragonflies box.

Mister Maker Craft Boxes

When you open the box, there is a surprising amount of ‘stuff’ packed into such a little space. You have all the resources needed for the project and a little instruction booklet which is set out clearly with both numbers and diagrams to support the children in their creations. In addition to this, you have a themed activity book (perfect handbag size!) with lots of easy to follow tasks around the theme of the box and a ‘Reward Chart’ where you can add the special project sticker from the box. There are 12 boxes in all and different stages to achieve depending on how many boxes are completed. There are also a couple of vouchers to give to friends so they can order their own boxes for £1 each…

The girls are 6 and 8 years old and were both really keen to get stuck in. I found the 8 year old was quick to get going by herself and the 6 year old was more keen to follow instructions and ask for help from an adult. Both girls enjoyed creating their dragonflies and bees and although they were initially keen to follow the instructions, they were also able to make them their own.

Mister Maker Craft Boxes

I was a little dubious that the project would require some additional resources but we had all we needed in the box, making it a fabulous little package to take away on holiday (it really does take up very little space) and bring out to occupy budding crafters on the move.

The appeal of this box really is it’s size…there is a surprising amount packed into such a little space and I really liked the fact that the girls did the project first and then came back to the activity book later.

The premise of the box is that it forms a subscription and arrives by post. I can certainly see the appeal of children receiving a box especially for them. Having said that, there is an equally appealing aspect of squirreling the box away and bringing it out when needed!

Mister Maker Craft Boxes

So was it a success? I will certainly be holding onto a couple of boxes to take on holiday for rainy days. A great resource to have up your sleeve to occupy the children over the impending Summer Holidays!

NB: Rachel received the Mister Maker Toucan Craft Boxes in order to review but all views are her own.

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