Long-Term Travelling with Kids – Is It Possible?

Long-term Travelling with Kids - Is it possible? www.minitravellers.co.uk

A 10-day trip with your kids may be a true challenge, both financially and emotionally. For that matter, travelling with two or three kids may actually seem mission impossible, especially if your budget is tight. But does it really mean that you should now forget the dream of travelling long-term?

The formula for success during long-term travels is the ability to save plus the skills to earn on the road. Saving is not a problem for experienced travellers, although may still be a challenge for unexperienced parents. When it comes to making your living, full-time jobs are no longer an option during long term family trips as you will need flexibility to change your plans very quickly. Every travelling family has their own story of success, although some rules about travelling with children are universal. What are they?

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Share responsibilities

It would be very stressful for one person to constantly take care of kids during the trip. In order not to turn it into a disaster, you will need to split responsibilities between yourself and your spouse, even if she/he is the main breadwinner. What is more, a good idea would be to allow you older kid to look after a younger one.

The same goes for moneymaking. You’d need to find an activity that would not take too much of your time, but still bring you constant income. This could be a travel blog, Internet advertising, HF trading or anything else you are good at. The main thing is not to become too stressed and remember that parenting is the world’s hardest and greatest job ever.

Long-term Travelling with Kids - Is it possible? www.minitravellers.co.uk

Learn their needs

Surprisingly or not, kids are not always as excited about travelling, as adults think they should be. One of the reasons is that children easily become bored. It is easy to cope with this – simply download a couple of games they like on your smartphone and you’ll get some time for rest. Don’t forget, however, that games will bore them sooner or later, so you’ll need to come up with something else.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that sightseeing and hiking are exhausting for children as they don’t have as much energy as adults. Make sure your kids have enough rest – after all, that’s your much-needed free time.

Finally, a trip to Van Gogh museum or a cathedral tour may be a true dream of yours, but still an endless boredom for your children. In other words, you’d need to plan a part of your trip around your kids’ needs, even if you think that an amusement parks is not the worthiest thing to see in Paris, for instance.


Whatever happens, take it easy. Take care of your nervous system, you will need it! The trip will be a hard one, especially at its very beginning. After all, your kids are probably not accustomed to such experience, particularly new climate, new food, sleeping on different beds and spending much time on the road. In other words, keep calm and take it slow. The slower you go, the farther you will get.

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  1. My wife and I love traveling and have been putting of kids partly for that reason. This article gives me hope that once we do have kids we can still find some fun adventures in life:)


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