Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf Review

Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf

This weekend we were invited to review Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf by the Action Transport Theatre at Whitby Hall, Ellsmere Port.  The show that has been co-produced with the Unity Theatre, Liverpool and was performed in Liverpool over the Christmas period, was absolutely superb.

The Whitby Hall setting is small, cosy and incredible for putting you right into the heart of the show.  With limited seating available, you simply sit wherever there is room, and the kids cosy up on beanbags at the front of the stage.  You can make yourself a cup of tea or coffee before you head in, and buy sweets and crisps for the kids all for donations. No over expensive snacks and treats here.

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So snuggled together on a beanbag my three began to watch this beguiling show. A cast of 4 move seamlessly between characters and not only sing and act beautifully but change the set around too.

The general premise is that of Little Red Riding Hood obviously but there are moral messages too. Wolves hunt because they are hungry, they feel pain too. It’s  good to forgive and show understanding.

It is also, at times, very funny.  I particularly loved the scened with Grandma in and found the Wolf played by Harvey Robinson utterly charming (a look of Jude Law I felt!).

Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf

Lasting just over an hour, with no interval at this venue, it kept my three (aged 5 and 6) completely engaged from beginning to end.  Their favourite bit being the howling competition mid way through and their least favourite the scene when it all goes dark and Grandma gets eaten.  However the scariness is immediately lightened with the arrival of Mum and an amusing reveal of Grandma.

The show was excellent and I will happily return to future shows.

Still tickets available for two shows on Sunday 15th January 2017 at 2pm and 5pm.

Perfect for ages 5+ and their families

£5 | £8 | £20 Family Ticket for Four (plus booking fee)

Photo Credit to Brian Roberts

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