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Learning to Drive | Parents’ Fears

Recent research by breakdown cover provider RAC, has discovered that nearly half of all learner drivers, who pass their driving test at a young age, will have their own car to enjoy afterwards.

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Driving is such a major part of travelling these days and I am so lucky to have learnt to drive when I was just 17 meaning now car insurance is cheaper and driving is like second nature to me.

Although whilst I was part of a generation who tended to use their parents car when the passed their test, it seems that now nearly half of all learner drivers, who pass their driving test at a young age, will have their own car to enjoy afterwards.  This puts the fear into me as I have 3 who will all learn to drive within 12 months of each other!

When it comes to car ownership, it appears that parents in the North East are the most generous as 71% claim that they would purchase a car for their child. Only 6% overall would use a personal finance agreement though, to get their hands on a vehicle.

The parents surveyed in this research also confirmed that 41% of those learning to drive were just 17-years-old and that they were most worried about their child being involved in a serious accident behind the wheel, once passed.

Other extras such as personalised number plates, accessories and breakdown cover weren’t included in the research but RAC’s findings also reveal that parents do worry about their children breaking down in the middle of nowhere (I have a friend who is looking to move house to avoid this for her kids).

The RAC confirmed that most common causes of breakdowns appear to battery related, following by tyre failure and then road traffic accidents.

You can read the full round up of the research below, to discover more about learner drivers and their parents’ feelings about them being let loose on the roads here:

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