6 Reasons to Visit Koh Samui with Children

Reasons to Visit Koh Samui with Kids

I’ve never actually made it to Koh Samui on my trips to Thailand. I’ve always meant to but I’ve never actually quite managed it.  I’ve made it as far as Pattaya and experienced the islands from there but Koh Samui has been elusive.  We’ve chatted about Thailand as an option for us and the kids over Christmas one year and having just read this wonderful quote from the Lonely Planet I think I could be sold (although it really is a long time since I was a  scantily clad 20 year old).

Ko Samui is like a well-established Hollywood celebrity: she’s outrageously manicured, has lovely blonde tresses and has gracefully removed all of her wrinkles without more than a peep in the tabloids. She’s been in the tourism business longer than almost any other Thai island, but rather than becoming passe, she’s embraced a new generation of resort goers, many of them upscale. Academy Award–winning holidays here include fine stretches of sand clogged with beach loungers, rubbish-free roads, world-class international cuisine, luxurious spas and beach bar parties for scantily clad 20-somethings that start at noon.

Reasons to Visit Koh Samui with Kids

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So why would we take the kids?

1. Wonderful Water Parks

Particularly when you have kids in tow, water parks are one of the best things to do and there are some brilliant water parks in Koh Samui. You can cool down and splash around with the kids at water parks, including the Pink Elephant Samui Water Park which is geared mostly towards young children and their parents, there are a few high-speed slides for the adventurous ones and a Jacuzzi area for those who want to chill out and relax, among much more, all in a well-designed park conveniently located a short distance from the main Samui ring road.

Pink Elephant Water Park

2. Samui Canopy Adventure

You can fly over Koh Samui’s tropical jungle on a zip-line adventure! The amazing bird’s eye views of this lush rainforest and its surroundings are truly memorable. Children have to be over 7 but I would just love this!

You can also jump into a natural pool at the end of the zip-line into the bottom of the waterfall that you just zipped over earlier.

3. Children are welcome

Children are actively welcomed and loved, not just tolerated. There is a place for them in restaurants, on beaches and in hotels and villas.  It isn’t an island just for loved up honeymooners, or scantily clad 20 year olds!

4. Beautiful Villas

There are stunning villas all around the Island with space for children to run around and play.  When I think of Koh Samui, like the Lonely Planet quote I think of a fabulously cool Island,  I think of stunning sunsets and beautiful sea views.  Just like this one on this photo from Top Villas. Koh Samui villas can also provide daily maid service, in villa chefs, airport transfers and more, just take a look!

Reasons to Visit Koh Samui with Kids

5. Paradise Park Farm

Whilst you might not travel to Koh Samui just to go to a farm park, this farm park is particularly special as it is amazingly located on Koh Samui’s highest mountain – Khao Pom – in Taling Ngam (southwestern area of the island).  Whilst is originally opened as a bird zoo they now have deer, rabbits and other small mammals too but it is the view that you really would go for!

Koh Samui

6. Crowd Free Beaches

Some simply stunning crowd free beaches in Koh Samui and for me this makes it incredibly family friendly. If there are less people on the beach your kids are safer as you can see them at all times. For me this is a huge win!

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6 Reasons to Visit Koh Samui with Kids

NB: Photos have been provided by Top Villas who have some fabulous villas in Koh Samui to rent.

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  1. Hi Karen — a great list for prospective families visiting Samui, however I’d advise parents to do some research on the water parks before visiting. Recent reports from parents suggest it has a few worrying safety aspects that need addressing. Likewise for any animal attractions – rarely will they satisfy an animal-loving Western in terms of animal welfare. Happy to offer any further tips for parents planning trips to Koh Samui. All the best! Alex


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