Is Memory Maker Worth the Cost at Walt Disney World?

Is Memory Maker Worth the Cost at Walt Disney World?

When you go to Disney World you plan to make memories.  You will have so many great moments you share together and you will want to preserve those and look back on this time for years to come.  You are most likely going to break the cloud with all the photos and video you’ll be taking.  Character moments, beautiful backdrops, ride photos and more are going to be a part of what makes your Walt Disney World trip extra special.  One way to make that easier on you (and one we used when we visited on our 14 day trip to Walt Disney World and beyond) is Memory Maker.

What is Memory Maker For?

Memory Maker is a convenient way to prepay for pictures of your holiday.  You don’t have to lift a finger or be left out of the photo’s.  When you have memory maker, you can be more free to just have fun and then get great professional photos sent automatically to your account sometimes even later that day.

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What Does Memory Maker Do?

Have you ever noticed the Photopass photographers who take pictures of people in the Disney Parks?  They will take anyone’s picture for free with their own camera.  You can hand them your iPhone and they will be happy to get that picture in front of Cinderella Castle for you.  However, they also carry their own equipment and take great professional shots that you can purchase. When you have memory maker, you don’t have to pay for these individual pictures.  Ride and dining photos are included as well.  The photos are added to your online Disney account through your Magic Band or a Memory Maker card and they become available for download.

Is Memory Maker Worth the Cost at Walt Disney World?

How Much is Memory Maker?

There are a few ways to buy Memory Maker.  You can purchase the package in advance for $169.  As long as you purchase more than 3 days prior to your arrival, all of your PhotoPass and ride photos will be included.  However, if you don’t give yourself three days, any photos taken within that three day window will have an additional cost.  You can also purchase the package when you get there for $199.

A third option is to save money on the package by only purchasing one special day.  That costs only $69.

Memory Maker is however free to anyone in the UK who wishes to purchase their Walt Disney World Ultimate tickets before they travel. This offering is available through a number of UK ticket operators and tour operators as well as through the Disney Holidays website.   In addition, there is currently a special offer running currently where you can purchase a 14-day ticket for the price of 7-day ticket for arrivals from 1 January 2019 until 31 December 2019.

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Is Memory Maker Worth the Cost?

The cost can be a little or a lot depending on how many days you visit Disney World.  It’s really nice convenience to have the photos sent to your online account automatically for download.  It’s also fabulous to have all of your ride photos without having to pay for each one.  You may plan to take your own pictures of the trip and you probably will anyway, but the unlimited downloads and editing options, on top of the volume and convenience make Memory Maker a pretty nice splurge that you can keep with you, long after the holiday is over.

If you are doing a two week trip like we did and dong meet and greets and spending two days at each park – it’s definitely worth the money, I for one would highly recommend memory maker!


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