Is ‘Heathers: The Musical’ suitable for kids? 

Is ‘Heathers: The Musical’ suitable for kids? 

Heathers: The Musical is suitable for ages 14 and above – Be warned that there are triggers throughout the performance. The advice on the website for Heathers: The Musical can be found here, but what did we think? Did we think it was suitable for ages 14 and above?   

Is Heathers: The Musical suitable for ages 14 and above? 

I’ll be straight to the point here and completely honestly, I don’t think it is appropriate for children aged 14. Thankfully, I didn’t take my daughter along and instead attended with a good friend who is a touch older than 14. 

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What was it that made me think Heathers: The Musical wasn’t suitable for 14 year olds? 

Are the costumes inappropriate at Heathers: the Musical? 

No, the costumes were inoffensive. There was instances of clothing removal but this wasn’t anything different to what you’d see at the swimming pool.  

Is audience participation at Heathers: The Musical in appropriate? 

It was clear that I was in the minority in that I had never seen the 1989 film from which Heathers: The Musical was based. The audience was very young with guests wearing school uniform or jumpers emblazoned with ‘Westerberg High’ and it was apparent that this was not their first viewing. There was a fair amount of audience participation but this too was completely inoffensive and this was not what has caused me to feel like this isn’t quite right for 14 year old children. 

Is there much swearing in Heathers the musical? 

There was considerable swearing, in fact I would refer to this as strong language throughout.  

Is ‘Heathers: The Musical’ suitable for kids? 

So why was Heathers: the Musical inappropriate for kids aged 14?

Let’s return to the above mentioned triggers. The production contains haze, loud noises including gunshots, flashing lights and strobes. Moving onto what makes me feel uneasy. The theme throughout is mature. Topics included murder, suicide, sexual violence, reference to eating disorders and some homophobic remarks. Yes, teenagers in 2023 are exposed to more adult themes with the presence of social media and other internet use; however, it almost felt like suicide and murder was glorified at times. There are also sex scenes depicting a teenagers first time. 

I must add that the intended cynical and intelligent satire was not completely lost on me. I just can’t quite shake the feeling that this production is NOT suitable for 14 year old’s

What did I love about Heathers: The Musical?  

I went into the production completely in the dark as to what I should expect. I did this intentionally so that I didn’t have any preconceived ideas of how it would pan out. To begin with, I LOVED it. I immediately felt like it was a bit too mature for 14 year old’s, but I loved it. It felt like a nostalgic cross between ‘Clueless’ and ‘High School Musical’ and I was sold.  

Originally a film, Heathers: The Musical was released in 1989. The screenplay mirrors the film and shows Veronica (Innes), a girl growing tired of the pettiness so prevalent in high schools, but especially so with Westerberg High’s main clique, the Heathers (Thompson, Zavou and Bowman). It is comical and entertaining with incredibly catchy music and lyrics. It very suddenly turns dark when JD (Fowler) appears as the new boy in school. JD diverts all attention away from the ‘mean girls’ by charming Veronica and involving her in a series of high-school murders all dressed up as a suicide craze. 

Choreography by Gary Lloyd and Christopher Parkinson showed high energy, executed to give perfectly-timed dramatic effect. Innes, Thompson and Fowler’s superb vocals were captivating. There is truly exceptional talent displayed throughout the production and the energy could not be faulted. 

Heathers: The Musical has continued to delight audiences ever since its debut with its dark story and delightfully catchy score. It is a must-see for any Mean Girls fan who fancies a dramatic twist, just not if you’re 14 years old! So honey, what you waitin’ for? Grab a slushie, freeze your brain and come join the students at Westerberg High.

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Is ‘Heathers: The Musical’ suitable for kids? 
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