7 Reasons Eurocamp is a Toddler Friendly Holiday

Is Eurocamp a Toddler Friendly Holiday? www.minitravellers.co.uk

I went a couple of Eurocamp holidays before my husband and I had children. Both times we went to Southwest France, and both the campsites were a short walk to the beach. I really enjoyed the flexibility of being able to eat out or cook for yourself in France. French dining can be a bit full-on, the French tend to have a full three course meal, followed by coffee for lunch, and the staff often look surprised if you ask for the bill after just a main course! So it was nice to be able to enjoy France, and have a light lunch!

We travelled a fair bit with our daughter Chloe when she was a baby, we did a short trip to Disneyland Paris, and two trips to Belfast and back, where we have family. Chloe’s first flight was when she was just 6 weeks old, and an elderly couple on the flight told us off for flying with such a young baby! Then we took our first proper family holiday to the Pachacaid park near the French Riveria when she was 8 months old.

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6 Reasons Eurocamp is a Toddler Friendly Holiday? www.minitravellers.co.uk

During the holiday we’d been putting Chloe to sleep in the travel cot in our room, but one night, we decided to get Chloe to sleep in the buggy and take her down to the evening entertainment. Unfortunately, it was quiz night, and we had some enthusiastic people taking part near us who were shouting out the answers really loudly. I looked under Chloe’s snoozeshade on the buggy, and there was poor Chloe wide awake looking terrified, so we didn’t try that again!

Since then, our boy Will has joined the family, and we’ve been on 2 more Eurocamp holidays, here are my

7 reasons why Eurocamp is perfect for toddlers:

1.Nature on your doorstep. In Le Soleil the birds joined us for breakfast and in Mar Estang my children made a mud pie, collected pine cones and followed an ant trail, beside our accommodation.

6 Reasons Eurocamp is a Toddler Friendly Holiday? www.minitravellers.co.uk

2. Entertainment on tap. We’ve found that there’s a lot more to entertain the kids than on a villa holiday. There’s bound to be other children staying next door if you choose a child friendly park. Then there’s the kids clubs, a pool, and often a playground or a beach nearby.

3. You get more space. When you stay in a hotel room with young children, you have to spend your evenings on the balcony, and have to creep around in the dark, when you need the loo, or another drink. At Eurocamp, your children will have their own bedroom/bedrooms depending on the size of your accommodation, so you can use the kitchen, lounge, bathroom, outside deck and bedroom without disturbing the kids.

4. There’s less to pack. Packing for young children and babies is a headache! At most Eurocamp parks you can borrow buckets and spades, pool inflatables, armbands, board games, baby baths and even these nifty toddler carts.  You can also pre-book essentials (tea, coffee, sugar, a dishcloth, cleaning products etc), beach towels and linen so they are there when you arrive.

6 Reasons Eurocamp is a Toddler Friendly Holiday? www.minitravellers.co.uk

5.More for your money Eurocamp holidays can work out better value than a hotel and flight package deal. Our last trip to Le Soleil Campsite in Argeles-sur-Mer cost about £600 for a week in June for flights for 4 people, accommodation and car hire.

6. Fussy eaters. You can cook what you like, when you like, warm up bottles (Chloe still has to have warm milk in the morning and before bed, and she’s nearly 5!) and have a BBQ in the sun. Or you can eat out, the choice is yours.

7. Traditional seaside holidays. It’s like the holidays you might’ve gone on as a child, proper bucket and spade seaside holidays but with the added bonus of sun!

NB: This is a guest post submitted by Laura McCracken is a working Mum of 2, who loves to get the kids outdoors, whether home or abroad.  Blog – Nature & Nurture – holibobs with the sprogs! 

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