How can I Carbon Offset my flight?

How can I Carbon Offset my flight?

An option to Carbon Offset your flight and create something beautiful as well.

It was a question asked by my 7 year old daughter as we stood at the airport just before the first of two flights to Tanzania in May 2019 that prompted this post. ‘Mum’ she said. ‘I’m looking forward to this holiday but I’m worried about it too.’ Why I asked? ‘Are we doing enough to offset our carbon emissions she said?’

After I got over my surprise that she knew about carbon emissions and knew enough to worry about it. I answered honestly. ‘No Izzy we are not doing enough to offset our carbon emissions from our flights, not nearly enough, but we will’.

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The days went past after our holiday and I did nothing, until I saw a post from some other bloggers who had been to Traverse and had decided to get together and create a Bloggers Grove of Trees. I absolutely loved the idea and wanted to replicate it. So I logged onto the website for Trees for Life and set up a grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands, notionally to celebrate 5 years of Mini Travellers but more simply than that, to just start doing something when we fly.

It costs £50 with Trees for Life to set up your own grove, and then £6 for every tree planted after that. I’ve resolved to plant a tree per person per flight, which will start to add up, but it should. We should be doing more carbon offset our flights.

What I’d love to invite you to do is to consider joining us and help us planting our grove. Buying a tree or two when you book a family holiday that involves flights. Contributing to our grove, instead of creating your own, reduces your cost (as there is no set up fee) and it is really really easy to do!

Just click here to find out more.

Yes I know there will be critics to this post. We should be taking less flights, we should be choosing to only fly when necessary and we should be doing a lot more than planting a couple of trees, and I’m not saying I disagree. But what I am saying with this post, is that I am going to try and that’s got to be better than not trying at all.

So if you’d like to join us in planting a couple of trees every now and again, then we would love to have you!

To find out more about Carbon Emissions caused by flying then I’d encourage you to read more than this blog post, but here are a few facts from a great post on Carbon Offsetting flights by On the Luce:

“Aircraft engines produces greenhouses gases, particles and water vapour which are released into the atmosphere. It’s this mixture that makes them so polluting, but the focus of offsetting is on carbon dioxide (CO2) as it’s the most common greenhouse gas. Carbon offsetting doesn’t get rid of the carbon dioxide produced when you fly – that still goes into the atmosphere.”

How can I Carbon Offset my flight?
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