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Go Travel Beach/Sport Towel

Go Travel Beach/Sport Towel

Travel towels…surely they are just small sized towels? Well no, travel towels come in a range of sizes and colours but in comparison to regular bathroom towels they have key features in common that make them better for travelling:

  • Extra absorbent
  • Fast drying 
  • Lightweight
  • Pack up small
  • Easy to Clean

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While we were away on holiday in Cornwall this summer we were given a new Go Travel Beach/Sport Microfibre Towel to try out and give our opinion on. 


It arrived in a small plastic packet and I must say my first impression was that it was SO thin! Surely this microfibre towel couldn’t work as well as a normal towel? On first use I didn’t think it was amazing so we ran it through the washing machine and it softened up and became more absorbent.

We packed it into the caravan and put it through its paces by using it for showers, after the pool and on the beach. As the holiday went on it became the go-to towel for everyone. We were admittedly surprised to find out just how useful and versatile it is, to the point we are going to be buying some more for the caravan! 

Why did we like it so much?

Firstly, and most importantly, it soaked up water brilliantly and dried super quick, even when it wasn’t a particularly warm day.

It is soft despite being so thin (3mm thin in fact). The texture of the material is difficult to explain. It is neither a chamois leather nor a conventional terry towel. It has a certain suede-y softness but is very flexible so you can bunch it up to dry yourself off like a real towel.

It is tough and doesn’t stretch out of shape. The Go Travel Beach/Sport Towel withstood being used on numerous occasions to lie on on the beach as well as being wrapped tight round us to keep warm and it still looked in perfect condition after a wash.

The colour is vibrant! At the moment it only comes in blue (which is my boys favourite colour) but I hope they extend the range.

It is lightweight at just 205 g and it wraps up so small that it fits easily in any beach bag. Rolled out it measures 160 cm x 70 cm which would cover most of a sun lounger.

A large hanging loop conveniently keeps the towel off the floor in the shower cubicles and doubles up as a practical, pack-away strap after its been used.

It’s so versatile being perfect for festivals, travelling, camping, beach days, sports, trekking, for keeping in your car, boat or caravan, I guess you could even use it for drying off your dog! At home it’s perfect to wrap around your hair after washing or even as a make shift bath mat in an emergency!

Our verdict is we love it! 

You can buy them here!

Ad/Gifted – We received a Go Travel Beach/Sport Microfibre Towel XL in return for this review but all opinions are our own.

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Go Travel Beach/Sport Towel
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