Our Finnish Lapland Holiday

Finnish Lapland Holiday

Last year Craig was lucky enough to win a trip for 2 with Aurora Holidays on Instagram and Tiina our hostess with the mostess was kind enough to let us take the trip the following year in 2023.

What You Will Find Here

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Finnish Lapland with Aurora Holidays

Aurora Holidays is a small Sami owned resort in the far north of Finnish Lapland. It’s an all inclusive package and all the holiday guests so far have seen the Northern lights! Obviously Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland are not guaranteed but you get a really really good chance.

We also took our teenagers on our Finnish Lapland holiday, proving that Finnish Lapland isn’t just for kids. 

Finnish Lapland Holiday

Accommodation in Ivalo, Finland

Our journey started at 2am in Norfolk and ended at 10pm in Ivalo. We stayed at Hotel Kultahippu for one night but I was so exhausted I forgot to take a photo before we caused total chaos.

At Hotel Kultahippu we stayed in a fabulous family room with three singles upstairs and 2 downstairs. A bathroom and a sauna! We had a breakfast of Kings at the hotel before being collected by Sonja. We then had a quick stop for snacks at the supermarket. Although the holiday included all meals we needed room snacks and vodka, obvs.

Accommodation in Utsjoki, Finnish Lapland

After a road trip through the most stunning scenery ever with reindeer wandering across the roads, we arrived at our beautiful Aurora Holidays lodge which had a fabulous view. Now, only the best host would understand that with three teenagers you need space. So we were so lucky to be given two large apartments to accommodate us all, and give us some peace from the bickering and prevent a murder! Really spacious cosy accommodation with our own sauna

We had packed lots of layers but as the lodges were so cosy we didn’t need as many as we thought! We were also well catered for with Tiinas special pancakes and legendary omelettes.

We were also so lucky on our first night to see the beautiful northern lights.

Activities in Finnish Lapland

Feeding Reindeer

We could not have been more excited about feeding the reindeer on our first day! Lichen all the way. The racing reindeer roam wild, but come home themselves for Winter. Except for Bambi who was off chasing the Norwegian girls across the river.

Tour of Utsjoki

At -15 but so incredibly beautiful with twinkly trees and a river of moving ice we had a van tour of the local village of Utsjoki with an obligatory photo on the bridge border of Finland and Norway.

Finnish Lapland Holiday

Village of Bugøynes

We visited the village of Bugøynes by the Varangerfjord, on the Arctic Ocean. Bugøynes(Pykeijä) is a small fishing village located in northern Norway by the gleaming shores of Varangerfjord. Visit Bugoynes looked after us and Tor Oscar was our incredible host keeping us warm and safe on the crabbing boat!

In the 1960s, Soviet biologists started to release these crabs into the Murmansk Fjord. The crab thrived here, and as early as in 1977 the first king crab was caught in Norwegian waters, just west of the border. crustacean’s takeover. They cause a detrimental impact on the ecosystem as an invasive species with no natural predators unless you count humans.. We caught, we killed, we ate! But I don’t think we made much impact on the king crab takeover of the seas. 

Arctic Dip

And a dip in the Arctic! Three times with sauna in between. Only me and the boys were brave enough. And colder than my usual dip with no swimming gloves or socks! Such an incredible experience though.

Sami Museum

On our last day we ventured out to the Sami museum. Well worth a visit to learn about the local arctic nature and Sami people. Unfortunately we were unable to see the outside area as it was cold and icy. Surprising, as I would have assumed it would be an all weather affair!

Overall our Finnish Lapland Holiday was an adventure like no other and personalised to us as a family, we could not have asked for more. Thank you to Tiina and Sonja for our forever memories.

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