Farm Fun Under the Cover of Canvas at Featherdown Farm

Featherdown Farm

Middle England. Two simple words but laced with visions of suburban life – two point four children, twin cars in the driveway and perfectly-mown lawns.

That’s the adopted definition at least, but what of the geographical Middle England? With a car laden with mum, dad, two point four children (with the part of “point four” played by our new baby, just a few months old) and way too much luggage, we set off on our mission of discovery.

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First things first, where on Earth, or more precisely on the map of Britain, is this fabled destination?
For decades, the honour has been held by Meriden, near Coventry. Then, in 2002, the BBC, with the help of the good people at Ordnance Survey, conducted their own investigation and duly knocked Meriden from its throne.
The new centre point was a small farm near Fenny Drayton in Leicestershire, courtesy of a different way of calculating the mid-point. Confused?

We were too, so took a broad-brush approach and threw a ring around the area, choosing to take in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire and several points in between.
Base camp for our expedition was Nottinghamshire and the rolling fields and gentle slopes around the quaint and picture-postcard village of Caunton.
Not for us a stuffy bed and breakfast or hotel chain – no, we were getting back to nature. Having toyed with a Feather Down Farm Days experience for several summers, it was time to take the plunge and go under cover of canvas.

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Featherdown Farm

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