Dreamgirls the Musical

Dreamgirls the Musical

On Wednesday night, my mum and I attended the press night of Dreamgirls the Musical at the Winter Gardens Blackpool and ‘I’m Telling You’ – it’s a show not to be missed!

Not just for ‘One night only’ but for 14 nights, Dreamgirls the Musical takes to the stage straight from the West End.

Dreamgirls the Musical tells the story of an ambitious girl group, ‘The Dreamettes’, and their manager, a former car salesman, as they struggle on a rollercoaster ride through fame, fortune, love and heartbreak in the turbulent setting of 1960’s America.  

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The show is high on energy, disco, soul & R&B. Whilst a couple of songs were a bit loud for my mum’s tastes they were otherwise excellent and the show is packed with spine-tingling vocals and sparkly costumes.

The characters of the trio are all different but equally engaging and are beautifully acted.

Effie is the ‘voice’ of the trio, her eagerness to succeed means she goes to great lengths to make sure nobody stands in her way.

Deena, shy and reserved at the beginning, soon blossoms and her level-headed nature means she is able to take her singing to another level.

Yet it is Lorrel who steals the show; kind-hearted, funny and the one who holds the group together. From a star stuck teenager to a strong independent woman it was her character I rooted for throughout the show.

The trio shone individually but are fantastic when all together and its incredibly powerful when they get together  for one final time for the comebacks of all comebacks!

The first act closed with  ‘I Am Telling You, I’m Not Going’, belted out with so much emotion it brought the audience to their feet and together with ‘One Night Only’ and others the songs really engaged the audience.

Dreamgirls is an outstanding musical with wonderful uplifting music, the Blackpool cast was equally as strong and the show oozed soul and depth that as an audience you really want from a love and friendship story.

The orchestra performed exceptionally well, and the lighting, choreography and beautiful sparkly dresses dovetailed with the rest of the performance perfectly, whilst the Vegas set was well and truly at home in Blackpool!

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