Disney’s Newsies Musical review

Moves to mirror the wisecracks … (from left) Mukeni Nel, Joshua Denyer and Mark Samaras in Newsies. Photograph: Johan Persson

Last week, we had the opportunity to watch Disney’s Newsies at The Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre.  As avid Musical Fans, this is certainly a show that has crept under the radar for us; my only awareness of Newsies was that it was available to watch on Disney+!  However, it has to be one of the most under-rated shows I have ever seen!

Watching Newsies isn’t just about the show, it’s about the experience. The Troubadour sets the scene for the story from the moment you walk in.  The lobby of the theatre is open, industrial and in order to access our seating in ‘Manhattan’, we had to walk through the dwellings of the newsboys.

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The set is spectacular.  While waiting for the show to start you have lots to take in – the whole space is literally the stage and the moment the show starts, you realise just how well that space is going to be used…

Inspired by the real-life Newsboys strike of 1899, Newsies centres around the life of the orphaned and homeless newsboys of Lower Manhattan and their lovable rouge of a leader, Jack Kelly.  Without giving too much of the plot away…the show has all the key components you need for a good Musical; characters who are villainous, mischievous and heroic combined with a bit of a love interest and tunes you will be singing for the rest of the week. It also has the most spectacular choreography I have ever seen in a Musical, and we have seen a fair few!  The tumbling, use of the space and synchronicity was perfect and the fact the show is being performed around you and not just on the stage in front of you, just adds to the experience.

It is probably a show for older children, my 13-year-old loved it. However, there were younger children there (7/8 years old) and the fact the show is relatively fast paced and busy meant that everyone was engaged. 

The bad news is that Newsies is only in Wembley until the end of July so if you fancy going, you need to be quick!  The theatre is literally 2 mins walk from Wembley Park Tube Station so is super easy to get to, we also stayed in the Premier Inn next to the station which made the evening stress free with a 2 min walk back to the hotel at the end of the night! 

So, if you fancy an opportunity to ‘Seize the Day’ and feel like the ‘King of New York’ for an evening, make sure you catch Newsies before it goes!

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