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My family were kindly offered tickets to watch Derren Brown: Showman at the Liverpool Empire last night.

At first I thought it was the greatest showman … but soon realised I was wrong. I asked my eldest (age 11) if he fancied it, before I knew it the whole family wanted to come (this has never happened before as it’s really just me who is the big theatre goer!). So I was delighted to be able to get tickets for all of us.

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We arrived to a slightly unusual message on the screen stage of “Please keep your phone on but put it on silent” … straight away there were murmurs of what it could be about and what might happen which helped bring the anticipation levels up!

What then followed was a truly brilliant show … I could tell you more … but I would have to kill you 😉.  Seriously, I really can’t tell you anything about it as it would completely ruin it for anyone going to watch it.  The brilliance of the show is that you are constantly questioning it.  “How did he do that?” “Is that real?” “Is this staged?” “He must have picked them and told them what to do!” … well at least that’s what conversations we were having until … we got picked! My husband is still convinced that I knew something, or told them something … I swear I didn’t … this was random selection.  What happened next blew my sons minds!  And lead to serious discussions about how he could possible know that information or do what he did.  

We will never know … what I can tell you isn’t it wasn’t set up … it was highly entertaining and turned it into an evening the whole family will never forget!

In reviews I normally comment on the quality of the acting and singing, the intricacies of the costume design and the impressive stage scenes.  There is simply no point with this.  It’s impressive because of Derren Brown.

The show is advertised as 12+, so I was a little naughty in taking my sons aged almost 10 and 12 but thought they would be OK.  They were, there was just one swear word, they understood everything that was happening and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Bobby aged 9.5 said “It was incredible –my favorite bit was playing the game and that I got to talk in front of 2000 people and won a teddy.”

Freddie age 11.5 thought  “It was very entertaining and funny”

One thing I can tell you is that he requests if you are going along to his show to take with you a sentimental item, something small which fits into the palm of your hand and has a back story.  I can’t tell you what he does next … you’ll have to go along yourself to find out.  You won’t be disappointed though!

Derren Brown Showman is on at the Liverpool Empire until Saturday 4th June (with an additional matinee performance on Saturday).  For tickets book here: 

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