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The CuppaPug has been pleasing pug enthusiasts in London for the last two years and it has now finally made it’s way to Manchester with a store  having just opened in February 2024 on Chapel Street and we were lucky enough to get invited down to see what it was like.

CuppaPug Manchester

CuppaPug, for those that aren’t already familiar with it, is a café where you book your space by the hour and go and enjoy a coffee whilst be surrounded by gorgeous pugs. Depending on the time of day you book and the energy levels of the pugs you will either be able to spend your time playing with them, watching them train, watching them sleep or cuddling up with them. Although there are never any guarantees as to what the pugs will be doing if you have a preference there is a guide on the website; mornings are more playful afternoons more cuddling.

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What to expect

When you arrive at CuppaPug Manchester you are led in to the café area with the other guests at your set time and given a short safety briefing as well as a couple of pieces of chopped carrot that you an use to encourage the pugs to come over to you. Then the pugs are let in to the room and you can ether remain seated on one of the blocks (there aren’t tables and chairs like a usual café) or move around the room and find somewhere to sit and play with the dogs.

In the centre of the room there is a cute little bridge that allows the pugs to walk over to a ball pit to play. You can get in the ball pit with them if you want, although it is small so best suited for children, or sit around the outside of the ball pit and play with the pugs that way.

As well as playing or cuddling the pugs you can also order cakes and drink but do be mindful that there aren’t any tables as such and the pugs will jump on you suddenly and potentially knock hot drinks over so I would suggest avoiding hot chocolates for the younger kids, although they were delicious, and going for a cold drink just in case. Nobody want to get burnt or burn a pug either!

How much does CuppaPug cost

For a one hour slot it costs £15 per person with under 5’s going free. If you take your own pug you can get 50% off the price of one ticket.

Our review

We had a Lovley time at Cuppapug and as we booked the first slot of the day at 11am the pugs were in a playful mood so we got lots of interaction with them and were able to watch them chase each other around and go back and forth across the bridge and in to the ball pool. If pugs are your thing then you are going to absolutely love CuppaPug.

Top Tip

If you are driving into Manchester give yourself extra time to get parked as there are not may places near by. There are a couple of streets that allow 2 hours free parking and a pay and display car park but we found all of these very busy and had to circle round a lot before eventually finding a space.  

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