Chocoversum Chocolate Museum | Things to do in Hamburg with Kids


When we read about the Chocoversum Chocolate Museum in Hamburg I knew we had to go. We are dedicated chocolate lovers and this seemed like a great excuse to eat more chocolate in the disguise of learning all about how it was made.  What a perfect thing to do in Hamburg with Kids.

So what did we think of Chocoversum Chocolate Museum?

Chocoversum Chocolate Museum got a huge thumbs up from all 7 of us. From the moment you arrive at Chocoversum Chocolate Museum and start the tour with your guide you are given your first bit of chocolate to eat. Warm melted chocolate from a chocolate fountain which drips onto the waffle you’re handed. It was delicious and really set the tone for the tour.

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The kids were in heaven and actually would have been happy if that’s all they had been given – although it really wasn’t!

Chocoversum Chocolate Museum | Things to do in Hamburg with Kids

In order to give your chocolate bar time to  set you start at the end of the chocolate making process and are taken first to a kitchen area where you can choose whether to make a bar of dark chocolate or milk chocolate and choose what to include in it.

Toppings from gummy bears to hazelnuts, peppercorns to rose petals are all on offer and you can make your chocolate bar as grown up or as child friendly as you like. 

The children have their own lower table to create their master piece on and my three really went to town with their ingredients, definitely pinching some to eat there and then when I wasn’t looking too.

Once the bars are finished they are placed in a large fridge to cool whilst you do the rest of the tour. 

Chocoversum Chocolate Museum | Things to do in Hamburg with Kids

After moving on from the kitchen you start to learn all about the chocolate process. Learning about the cocoa beans (they are covered in the white slimy flesh) onto how those are harvested and quite how many of those it takes to make a single chocolate bar.

You then move through the various development stages and yes I can confirm that you eat more chocolate at each stage. The kids weren’t too keen on the crushed cooked beans but started to taste the chocolate again that they liked as they ate the samples at the next few stages. There was also an opportunity to try both the milk and dark chocolate and compare – it really was an oh if I must moment.

Chocoversum Chocolate Museum | Things to do in Hamburg with Kids

versum Chocolate Museum | Things to do in Hamburg with Kids

The tour takes around an hour and a half and at the end you’re given your chocolate bar back to wrap up and write your name on. It was a lovely gift and had the added benefit of the kids not asking to buy any other chocolate as we left through the usual route of the gift shop. 

We really did love our time at the Chocoversum Chocolate Museum and left at 6pm. We abandoned immediate plans for dinner and got the bus back to the hotel for a swim instead before eating dinner later on in the hotel bar.

If you’re in Hamburg with Kids definitely put Chocoversum Chocolate Museum on your must see list!

Chocoversum Chocolate Museum | Things to do in Hamburg with Kids

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Where is Chocoversum Chocolate Museum?

What do you need to know about Chocoversum Chocolate Museum?

Opening times are usually between 10am and 6pm but do check the website as times vary and you need to go on specific tours that can get booked up.

It’s really worth booking online in advance as the ticket price reduces from E17 to E12 for adults and e46 to E34 Euros for a four person family ticket.

There are discounts with the Hamburg Card but only if you buy tickets in person

It’s important to do a tour at Chocoversum in the language you understand. 

They only do a couple of English tours a day at Chocoversum so best to check the times of those before you head out. We hadn’t thought this through so arrived just after one had started but booked to come back for the 4.30pm tour. 

The tour of Chocoversum takes 90 minutes

You do get to eat chocolate all the way round so not one for anyone with allergies. You’d feel very left out. 

They have free lockers to put all your things in so you don’t need to carry them. 

You won’t be hungry just as the tour finishes so don’t book dinner or lunch for straight afterwards.

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Chocoversum Chocolate Museum | Things to do in Hamburg with Kids


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