Best Shoes to Wear for Disney

What are the best shoes to wear to Disney

Question: Best shoes to wear to Disney?

Answer: Comfortable ones!

This is one of those posts that isn’t the most exciting of posts, but if you don’t get it right it can make or break your holiday.  On most holidays if you get a new pair of shoes (and who doesn’t like to before a summer holiday) and they hurt on the first wear you’ll be able to kick them off and put another pair on.  Get this wrong at Disney and you could be wearing said, painful, shoes for a very very long time. Good shoes are definitely Disney essentials!

I myself have a bit of a love hate relationship with shoes.  I love a good pair of heels and gorgeous ballet pumps but I also have feet that are pretty useless with shoes and get blisters easily if I don’t have the right shoes on.

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So first and foremost the best shoes to wear to Disney must be tried and tested and comfortable, and you should take two different pairs so you can alternate these if needs be.

So whilst the shoes we took, might not be the shoes you take, here are the ones we wore:

My Mini Travellers best shoes to wear to Disney

My three girls all Under 5 wore Converse High Tops, Crocs and Bobux Trainers on alternate days.  Crocs were particularly brilliant for the waterparks, Converse High Tops (for when we never had to take them off, three sets of laces is a pain) but mostly their Bobux Blaze trainers, cute comfy and good for their feet.

Bobux Blaze

Me – best shoes to wear to Disney

I wore some tried and trusted Teva sandals that have been to Namibia, New York, Cambodia and Thailand to name a few places.  I also wore some newer (better looking ones) that I wore a lot before we went to make sure they were comfortable and some Skechers trainers.

Legend has it that the inspiration for Teva’s came from an old Velcro watch strap attached to a flip flop, and that’s not a bad explanation of the style (albeit they are clearly much better looking than that these days).  Teva’s are however designed for those who travel and want to make sure their footwear doesn’t get in the way.

I’m a huge fan and if the ones I had aren’t your kid of thing, take a look at Teva’s website as their a lot of different styles based on the same idea.

It’s a sandals and beach kind of day here, how about you? #summer #beach

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My Skechers were from Cloggs and not in the least bit boring.  The colour might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I love them.  I actually smile when I put them on, not only because of the colour but because they feel like I am walking on air.  Mine are called GO Walk Flash.  They are incredibly light weight have a memory retention sole and I literally wore them for hours at at time without any discomfort. A definite win and the best shoes to wear to Disney.

Go Walk Flash Skechers

Hubby – best shoes to wear to Disney

Wore his tried and trusted Salomon Speedcross and a pair of black Teva (let’s call them walking shoes not Sandals).

Hubby has had his Salomon Speedcross for well over a year now and he lives in them. Since buying these trainers, he can’t sing their praises highly enough and pretty much doesn’t wear much else when out of work.  These were his best shoes to wear to Disney

What are the best shoes to wear to Disney

As I said though you do need an alternative, even if the shoes you normally wear are brilliant, as pounding the concrete every day really takes its toll on your feet.  Hubby’s choice of Teva were the Universal Slide in black leather.  To be honest he didn’t wear these much at the actual parks, mainly because the Salomon are so comfy but he wore them every time we went to the water parks or spent any time out of the parks. I definitely think they will be lived in on our family villa holiday to Greece.

NB: We were sent some but not all of the shoes in this post in order to review.

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