Review: BenQ TreVolo S Bluetooth Speakers

Review: BenQ TreVolo S Bluetooth Speakers

Our review of the BenQ “TreVolo S” Bluetooth Speakers

*We were sent the TreVolo S speakers to review.

BenQ make Bluetooth speakers. Who knew. And very good ones at that!

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First things first I like simple things. Before we get to the sound, for me the most important thing for a portable speaker is that it has to be very easy to connect to.

The last thing you need when setting up the songs for the kids or tunes around the pool on holiday is to have an endless faff of failed pairing attempts, lost pass codes and the dreaded “no devices available” when you can see the speaker sitting nanometres away from your phone. “Its bloody there what do you mean Pairing Failed!!”

We took the TreVolo S speaker away with us on a family trip to a cottage in mid Wales and set it up in the kitchen. Ordinarily the design and build quality would come first in a speaker review but as I have said the connectivity is the most important thing to me so I will start there.


I paired the speaker to my iPhone 6s.

Pressed and held the pairing button, opened Bluetooth settings on the phone and selected the Trevelo S from the list. Connected!   That was it really. To be honest a small part of me was hoping for a hundred amusing words on the hassle of setting it up with repeated failed attempts. Nothing of the sort. Pairing worked first time and every time we connected throughout the week.

Most of the time we played music through Spotify from my iPhone or listed to the radio on an iPhone radio app.

Build Quality

The TreVolo S is a nice solid bit of kit. With the fold out speakers the unit really stand out and the whole package is really well put together with a bit of reassuring weight to it.

The design is simple and the build robust enough to withstand my three daughters fighting over who could turn up the volume next!

Review: BenQ TreVolo S Bluetooth Speakers

Battery Life

We charged the speaker first of all then let it run unplugged to see how long the battery would last. We were not blasting out at top volume but the speaker played comfortably for 15 hours or so. Helpfully the LED on the top gives you an idea of how long is left. When it turns red then there is less than 30% left. Again, nice and simple.

I think we had to plug it in only a couple times throughout the week which is amazing.

Review: BenQ TreVolo S Bluetooth Speakers


Now I like my music but I listen to most of it through Spotify and a Sonos speaker so I am not an audio aficionado who raves about the importance of gold wires, speakers stands and how vinyl is SO much better than digital.

Apparently, the speaker is the first Bluetooth portable speaker to have Electrostatic speakers. If you want to know what that means and how Electrostatic speakers compare to normal cone drivers and electrodynamic speakers knock yourself out and have a read here >

I have to say I am out of my depth and got lost after first paragraph.

But I do know what sounds good and in the big kitchen of the cottage the TreVolo S was impressive. Not the loudest, it has to be said (this must help with the battery life) but in 3D mode the sound has great depth and great bass for its size. There is a standard mode but I am not sure why you would use this as 3D mode produces noticeably better sound quality.

The sound is very crisp and clear and is excellent with the speakers open or folded back in my view.

The panels on the sides of the speaker fold out with the bass coming from behind. So, we found that if we put the speaker against the wall the bass and volume was really enhanced in the big living room of the house.


An excellent addition to the Mini Travellers travel accessories. Simple to use, simple to connect excellent battery life with a very nice rich sound for a portable speaker. The only slightly down side is the maximum volume gets a little lost outdoors but put it up against a flat surface to give it a bit more umpf!

You can buy the speakers for £149 on Amazon:

BenQ treVolo S Wireless Blu...Shop on Amazon







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