A Fuss-Free Family Holiday to Samui Thailand

A Fuss-Free Family Holiday to Samui

We love beach holidays, and the best beach destinations can often be found in South-East Asia. One of our favourites so far has got to be Thailand. From luxurious to the budget-friendly, Thailand seems to offer everything for every type of traveller. To all the parents out there: If you think it’s no longer possible to have a carefree holiday now that you have your little ones travelling with you, do not worry. Here are some tips to help you enjoy a fuss-free and pampered family holiday!

Be prepared for a long-haul flight to Samui

Long-haul flights can be pretty challenging for the kids. They are stuck amongst the clouds with nothing to do. You might want to bring along books, games or an iPad to keep them entertained when they are awake. Be careful not to fall asleep during takeoffs and landings. The change in air pressure affects the air pressure in your ears. If you don’t work on relaxing the ears and the tension, your ears will stay blocked. You will potentially experience some health problems like dizziness, ear infection and worse. This happened to me once, and the feeling of the blood veins on the verge of bursting is not something I want to experience again. Many children cry non-stop because of this, too. So, by all means, keep your kids awake during takeoffs and landings and teach them how to relax to prevent this.

A Fuss-Free Family Holiday to Samui

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Stay in a villa in Samui

When you have the little ones in tow, finding the right accommodation can be a little bit tricky. The kids get bored quickly when they are confined to a tiny room. Hotels with a good kids’ club usually come with a big price tag as well. That’s why villas come to your rescue. There are lots of family-friendly villas in Samui, and if you make use of the exchange rate, you can afford a beautiful villa with plenty of space at around the same price as staying in a hotel. The perks? You have the entire space to yourself. No more grumpy faces and itchy feet. The kids can run around and enjoy the pool to their heart’s content.

Get a pool fence

It is important to choose a villa with beautiful private pool that you that your family can play in and lounge around, but make sure that the villa has a pool fence available. Especially when you are travelling with young children, you won’t like the idea of them running to the pool without you knowing. A pool fence is a simple solution, but it definitely gives you the peace of mind needed on holiday.

A Fuss-Free Family Holiday to Samui

Plan your meals in advance

If you travel alone or with your group of friends, wining and dining are not very complicated. Us adults can just go with a local street-side stall. However, when you travel to Samui, do take note that Thai food tends to be quite spicy, and the little ones might not be able to enjoy it. Hence, do research in advance and make a list of where you can dine at. If you have any special dietary requirements, try eating at the villa. You can inform the chef about your needs, and they will whip up a storm to your liking. No more hassle.

Get a car and driver

Most villas offer airport transfer and transport at additional charges. That saves us a lot of time and trouble as compared to travelling around by foot or taxi. It’s easy to get a taxi to the places you want to go, but getting one to go back is more challenging. To prevent this, ask your taxi driver to fetch you at an agreed time or hire a car and driver for the day. If you have toddlers with you, they can also prepare a car seat upon request.

Family-friendly places to check out in Samui

Chaweng Beach

This is the most developed and popular areas in Samui. Hence, it has one of the most extensive choices of family-friendly restaurants and leisure activities. Here are some activities available near Chaweng Beach that you can visit and engage in with your family.

›    Samui Aquapark has large inflatable and challenging water activities for the whole family to enjoy.

›    Snorkeling, kayaking and jet ski available.

›    Beachfront restaurants lined up along the beach.

›    Central Festival: a large shopping mall that’s open 7 days a week, where you can get food supplies or anything else.

A Fuss-Free Family Holiday to Samui

Ang Thong Marine National Park

Go for a family day out filled with adventure, exploration, and discovery at Ang Thong Marine National Park. Just an hour drive away from Samui Island, you can snorkel, kayak and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of abundant marine life on Koh Samui.

Now that you have all the tips that you need, you’re all ready to book a trip to this beach paradise!

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