7 Recommended Kids Thermos Flasks

7 Recommended Kids Thermos Flasks

So after another row about school packed lunches and what the kids were going to have (no it will never be chicken nuggets!) I posed the question on our Facebook page ‘What Kid’s Thermos Flask or Container should I use for the kids school packed lunches that actually keep the food warm?’

I had a lot of responses so I thought I’d share those with you here.

NB: The flasks or containers recommended could just as easily be used for a picnic lunch on a day trip or on a walk, as for a school lunch.

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The single biggest tip about thermos flasks or containers seemed to be fill with boiling hot water first so that the flask is red hot before you put the hot food in. This helps keep the thermos (and your food, even at the bottom of the thermos) warm throughout the morning.

The second consistent tip was to fill the container to the top, so there is no cold air to cool the food down. This means you should try and buy a container or flask that fits what you want to put in it and doesn’t leave room to spare. I was trying to use an adult sized container when I clearly needed to use a kids one.

I think the key with a lot of them is that they have to be full I.e. very little space /air. If half full they seem to cool down much quicker.

Julie (Mum of 3)

Also make sure the food is really really hot before it goes in and is pre warmed.

Most Recommended Kids Thermos Flask

The winner of the straw poll was undoubtedly Thermos itself. The Thermos 184807 Stainless King Food Flask, Red, 470 ml to be precise.

The Thermos (which I’ve actually ordered myself to try out on all these recommendations) is not too big, not too small.

According to all the comments on my facebook page. It will keep food hot for a long time and definitely til lunch time at school.

Thermos 184807 Stainless Ki...Shop on Amazon

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7 Recommended Kids Thermos Flask

Other Recommended Food Thermoses (if that’s a thing) were:

Stanley Thermos

According to Kelly they only use their flasks and ‘food jars’ now for warm lunches. He husband looks like a Stanley Ambassador heading out to work with their lunch box, flask, food jar, travel mug…..

This stainless steel thermos for food is made with superior insulation that maintains temperatures inside regardless of the temperature outside and keeps food hot or cold for 7 hours.

Stanley Classic Legendary F...Shop on Amazon

Klean Kanteen

I don’t have much detail on this. Amazon simply says keeps food warm for hours….

Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insula...Shop on Amazon

Polar Gear Insulated Food Container 

Amazon says “Bored with sandwiches for your packed lunch? Got a long trip tomorrow and want something easy to reach while travelling that leaves no food waste or packaging to dispose? Polar Gear’s hot container and food flask is perfect for varying your pack-up routine. With 400ml capacity, our insulated flask perfectly fits a tin of soup. Our hot to the last bite container also suits stews, porridge, leftovers and other warm meals to jazz up commuting.”

Polar Gear Insulated Food F...Shop on Amazon

Thermos Funtainer

This was recommended on my facebook page with the comment ‘My daughter uses it most days and says her food is piping hot at lunchtime.’ Well you can’t beat that. I ordered the adult thermos though as it was cheaper.

Thermos 56902 FUNtainer Foo...Shop on Amazon

Chilly’s Food Pot

Leak-Proof, Premium Stainless Steel Reusable Food Container – Double-Walled Insulated for Hot or Cold Lunch Storage – Blush Purple – 300ml

  • UP TO 6 HOURS HOT: Hot, comforting food for up to 6 hours in 500ml and 4 hours in 300ml, regardless of the outside temperature. With no need to be near an oven or microwave, enjoy your favourite hot food wherever you are.
  • UP TO 6 HOURS COLD: Keep your cold food crisp and fresh for up to 6 hours in 500ml and 5 hours in 300ml. Perfect for sunny days out at the park or on the beach. No need for a separate cool bag, just grab your pot and go!
Chilly's Food Pot - Leak-Pr...Shop on Amazon

Sho Premium Insulated Food Flask

PREMIUM INSULATED FOOD FLASK – Using revolutionary SHO Vacuum Technology, this new food flask will keep your food hot or cold all day. Perfect for soup, salads, pasta and even ice cream! 10 Hours Hot, 20 Hours Cold

SHO Food Flask - Vacuum Ins...Shop on Amazon

Aldi Space Food Flask


These amazingly convenient stainless steel food flasks are designed to transport your little one’s food whilst keeping it hot or cold. The Space Food Flask also comes with a plastic utensil for feeding on the go, and is covered in a fun pattern that your child will adore!

Ideas for a Hot Meal at Lunchtime.

While I’m talking about what to put in a food container, it also occurred to me that I could ask about what warm food people put in their lunch bag and people came up with some great ideas for their lunch boxes.

Hot dogs are a great option. They can take the bread buns separately.

Hot soup is also a great way of getting veg into the kids.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Brown Rice and veg – wouldn’t go down too well with mine but might with some!

Also if you want some tips on water bottles that don’t leak you can read about them here.

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7 Recommended Kids Thermos Flask
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