7 Reasons We Loved Staying in a Villa with Villa Plus

7 Reasons We Loved Staying in a Villa with Villa Plus www.minitravellers.co.uk

Back in November 2014 we stayed in Villa Inma Calero in Puerto Calero, Lanzarote with Villa Plus.  There was seven of us as we took the Grandparents too.

We love staying in a Villa as a family (particularly as an extended family) for a number of reasons but these are the 7 reasons (chosen by the 7 of us) as to why we had a wonderful Villa Holiday with Villa Plus!

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It means we can eat in, eat out. Keep the kids up late, put them to bed early.  We can have our own pool or go to the beach. We can literally do whatever we want to, when we want to.

Pool (Preferably gated!)

My three girls are obsessed with swimming.  So for us a villa with a pool is an essential requirement for us to have a fun holiday with the kids.  It can be tricky finding villas with gated pools in some countries but Villa Plus has a whole selection of them.  This gives us peace of mind that the kids can’t get into the water without us. This was even more significant when they could walk but couldn’t swim, however even now it is definitely nice to have.

7 Reasons We Loved Staying in a Villa with Villa Plus www.minitravellers.co.uk

Large Outside Area

We spend loads of time in the pool on holiday but I also look for an area they can play in outside, in or out of the sun. The outdoor undercover area, with sofas, pool table and large table was my husbands favourite part of the villa in Lanzarote. There was a couple of days when a few spots of rain fell and it was lovely to stay outside but be undercover when this happened as it was still warm. It also felt very luxurious to actually have sofas to lounge about on, rather than sun loungers or chairs.

7 Reasons We Loved Staying in a Villa with Villa Plus www.minitravellers.co.uk


With 90% of Villa Plus Villas having wifi, and all of their Very Villa Plus villas.  Wifi keeps the whole family happy whether that was working, blogging, kindles, games, you tube, facebook, emails etc!


We love a Villa with games, books and toys that are already there as it saves you packing them. Villa Plus actually go one step further and have a pool table and tennis table in every villa, not just the Very Villa Plus ones.  This is a great addition.

7 Reasons We Loved Staying in a Villa with Villa Plus www.minitravellers.co.uk


Now I know you can’t book the weather but if you book a villa in a Southern European location then you have a better chance than most! Sitting out in the sun with a cold glass of wine or a beer watching the kids play about, sums up a perfect villa holiday with kids for me!

Eating Outside (preferably with a BBQ)

Not an essential, but we do love to BBQ in a villa on holiday and I love the option to cook outside. As BBQ seems to be a Hubby job in our family, then this works very well for me too!

So there you have it 7 Reasons why 7 of us love a Villa Holiday!

7 Reasons We Loved Staying in a Villa with Villa Plus

NB: This post has been written in collaboration with Villa Plus


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6 thoughts on “7 Reasons We Loved Staying in a Villa with Villa Plus”

  1. I love a villa holiday – for us, it is having all of that space which you just don’t get in a hotel room or apartment so you can REALLY relax and be yourself. We enjoyed lots of BBQs and extended lunches on our terrace during our last villa holiday whilst the kids played in the games room or in the pool – perfect!

  2. Having already booked our villa holiday, after reading this, I am so looking forward to my first villa holiday. One of the main reasons being that I must not be any where near smokers because of my lungs, and a villa holiday is now the only way to beat the smokers. Roll on June.

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