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6 Exciting New Unique Travel Games To Add To Your List
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6 Exciting Unique New Travel Games To Add To Your List

We’ve all been there, on our way to that long awaited beach holiday, we’re not even off the motorway and the kids are telling us, ‘I’m bored!’. I don’t think as parents that there is ever a way to stop those dreaded words, but there is definitely ways to keep them at bay for much longer with these new travel games.

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We’ve put together a list of 6 exciting new unique travel games to add to your list to keep the kids busy so that you’ll breeze through your journey and be on a sun bed, sipping the cocktails, in no time! Some of these links are affiliate links which means I may make a few pennies if you use them to buy anything but you won’t pay any more.

Dinkee Linkee

I love how simple this game is, simply answer 4 questions and try to work out what links them together. Kids love a quiz and the best thing about Dinkee Linkee is that it’s not too difficult for them. Dinkee Linkee takes 2 mins to learn and 30 mins to play.



Fletter is a fast paced game which is perfect to keep the kids occupied. The game is simple make words as fast as you can to earn points, but shout out a wrong word and you’ll get Flettered and lose points too!

Think Words

Choose a category (like body parts) and start thinking of words. As you guess a word (Arms) you press down the corresponding letter (A), take turn to use all the letters, if you can’t think of a word for the letters that are left, then you’re out!

Sum Fun – The Educational Numbers Game For The Whole Family

Sum Fun is Scrabble with numbers! If you’ve got a child who loves maths then this is the perfect game for them. Just like scrabble you take it in turns to pop down your sum connecting it to whats already on the board. So if you put 3 + 5 = 8 , then I will use you 5 and say 5 x 3 = 15, the next person does 15 – 10 = 5 and so on.

Around the World in 50 Ways – a lonely planet book

I love Around the World in 50 Ways, as a child its just the book I would have loved to read and as a Mum it’s the perfect book to keep the kids busy, learning and having fun! (Triple Win!) In this book, you tell the story. As you read the page you will be given decisions (like choosing between taking a cruise – page 5 or riding the red bus page 17) work your way through the story and create your adventure trying to make it back to London . You can find it here.

6 Exciting Unique New Travel Games To Add To Your List

Nickelodeon Liquid Lava Putty

Perfectly compact to fit in your pocket, this Liquid Lava Putty from Nickelodeon is great for stretching, squishing or simply letting it ooze through your hands. The kids will love that it changes colour and it’s perfect for children aged 3 years and up.

What’s your favourite travel game? Let us know below.

6 Exciting Unique New Travel Games To Add To Your List

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