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Flying with Toddlers- 10 Things You Really Don't Want to Hear!
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10 Things You Really Don’t Want to Hear on a Flight With Your Toddler

Ten things that if you hear on a flight with your toddlers might make you want to cry.
I have heard them all…
  1. Mummy I think I need a wee, right now…
  2. Mummy I am going to be sick….
  3. Mummy that man sitting there looks really really fat doesn’t he need two seats
  4. Mummy are you going to drink lots of wine today?
  5. Mummy are we nearly there yet?
  6. Mummy, Daddy is asleep and won’t talk to me.
  7. Mummy I think my iPad is broken.
  8. Mummy,Daddy says I should sit next to you
  9. Mummy I have eaten all that chocolate
  10. Mummy I have been sick… on that man next to me!
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 Flying with Toddlers- 10 Things You Really Don't Want to Hear!

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