The Clock Thief KS2 Activity Pack

The Clock Thief KS2 Activity Pack includes Comprehension, Creative Writing Opportunities and Draw your own ideas.

The Clock Thief Comprehension

This Clock Thief Comprehension has differentiated questions and activities to be used in a Whole Class or Self Read session based on extracts of the second novel by Karen Beddow and Lyndsay Macaulay. The Clock Thief is the second in the Extraordinary Travellers series.

You can find The Clock Thief Comprehension below:

Label the Map

Using the book, can you label this map of Spain and name these 5 Cities.

Creative Writing

Can you think of an original idea for the next Extraordinary Travellers book and tell us all about it.

Draw Your Own

The people of Spain can see the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia floating above the city of Barcelona, but those in the UK cannot believe it! Can you draw it so that everyone can imagine the spectacular incident.

Design Your Own Costumes

We want you to design Tom & Lucy amazing Extraordinary Travellers outfits, but remember they have to be both Extraordinary and Practical.

Cook at Home

Make your own Tortilla Espanola