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Gullivers Kingdom, Matlock

This review is by one of my friends Jess about her recent trip to Gullivers Kingdom in Matlock with her husband and two year old twins. Jess writes a fab blog over at and she can regularly be found tweeting @soot1978. Jess can also be found on facebook here.

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One weekend in May (Sunday), whilst staying in Matlock for the weekend with our family, we all visited Gullivers Kingdom. Situated in Matlock Bath, it is a theme park for the younger children.

We had pre-booked our tickets before hand which included lunch too.

Upon arrival the park is set on the side of a very steep hill, and so cars are required to climb quite high to reach the entrance! We parked right outside the entrance though. There was plenty of parking and personnel to help people park. Although we had pre-booked our tickets we still had to stand in a small queue and be checked in, which was fairly slow moving.





Once in the park we didn’t have to walk far before we could go on the rides. The rides we went on were absolutely perfect for Harry & Lottie, our twins, – who are 2 and a half years old. They were both over 90cms and they could therefore go on most of the rides.

The rides ranged from a mini ferris wheel, to small roller-coaster, to a log flume. There is also an indoor soft play area and many other rides and activities dotted about for the little ones.

They really enjoyed the day – plus it was very quiet too (for a Sunday) with literally no queuing at all. Which was brilliant, especially when you’ve got two impatient little ones to entertain!

Lunch was included in our ‘pre-paid-package’. There were plenty of fast-food restaurants around the park and many tables to sit at inside and out. We selected burgers and chicken, which was all quite tasty and we were served quickly.


However, the hills around the park are VERY steep. It was literally quite exhausting walking around after an hour to two. There is a small cable car taking you up the top, but it is one where your feet dangle, and therefore cannot be used by a buggy. My Sister-in-Law had her buggy with her and so they found it very difficult pushing their baby around. Harry & Lottie definitely found the hills hard going too, and asked to be carried a lot. Which my husband and I found tiring.

The park was a little on the ‘tired’ side too; not as modern as other Theme Parks we have been to, but Harry & Lottie literally had the BEST day out and wanted to go again the next morning! So that’s a sign of a great day out isn’t it?!
I would say that toddler, preschoolers and younger school-age children are the best age groups for this park.

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  1. June 13, 2015 at 10:18 pm — Reply

    What a great idea to have a pre payed package with lunch, and fab that it was quiet makes a theme park so much better doesn’t it x
    Sarah Christie recently posted…Beaches Resorts, Just A Hop And A Jump From DisneyMy Profile

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