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The Weekend Box – Great Fun but not for the Train!

The Weekend Box – Great Fun but not for the Train!

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When we initially said we would review the Weekend Box I thought it might be a great activity to take on the train with us away for the weekend. Here at Mini Travellers we are always looking for new ways to entertain the kids on a trip.  When I received the box I was optimistic, it was light, thin and easy to pack in a bag. Result.

Then however I read a number of reviews of the Weekend Box from fellow bloggers Karen at Stopping at Two and Amy at Everything Mummy. They wished me luck if I was going to take the box on the train.  I then re-read the email from Andy who said:

“To whet your appetite – the theme of your Weekend Box is the Aztecs!

Below I’ve put a list of the other ingredients you’ll need for the cooking activity in your review box (this is automatically sent to customers when boxes leave our warehouse):

50g Dark Chocolate

50g Milk Chocolate

200ml Milk

1/4 Tsp Vanilla Essence”

I decided against taking it on the train! So this morning (not a weekend I know) I sat the Mini Travellers at the table and we set about opening the weekend box.  The idea behind the weekend box is is to send out a package fortnightly or monthly with all the bits parents will need to enjoy 4 fun activities with the little ones aimed at ages 3-6 years.


The girls were amazed. Mum what is this? and to each other – It can’t be craft, Mum doesn’t like craft! They are right, I don’t!

Thankfully there were enough envelopes, its always a nightmare in our house if there are only two things, and three of them.



There were actually 4 enveloped by the fourth ‘red’ packet contained the ingredients to make the hot chocolate and we decided not to make that today.

We got over the ‘I want the blue one, I want the yellow one etc’ quite quickly and they are started to make their own activity.

Thankful that I hadn’t started this on the train, as it was a paint based activity, I quickly whipped out the table cover and off they went.


The activities in each envelope were clear and well explained and whilst I’m not sure mine followed the instructions, at all, older children would have been able to. Mine are 4,3 and 3.

Lily’s parrot/rabbit/birdy thing sort of looks like it should have done…. I think


In summary though we had a really lovely time playing with the three activities. It obviously didn’t take that long for my three to complete as they had one each, but if you had one child doing this it would happily fill a Saturday/Sunday morning.

All three loved being given a sticker at the end too to say they had completed their task well.

If you would like to try a weekend box for FREE then why not use this code KAREN227 and you too can try it.  Boxes can be redeemed from

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Sunday 8th of February 2015

Oh those parrot birdy things look great! Lovely crafty fun xx

everything mummy

Wednesday 4th of February 2015

You had the same as me, great fun when the kids get stuck in to it! x

Karen (@karenjwhitlock)

Wednesday 4th of February 2015

Glad you had fun with yours too. The Aztec parrot-y thing is very cute!

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