Try Tennis for FREE with the Great British Tennis Weekend – 16th & 17th July

Great British tennis Weekend

Recently I signed my eldest daughter up for free lessons with the Lawn Tennis Association. It was a 6 week course at a local tennis club on a Friday evening after school.  She was initially worried about going and it took me ages for her to explain to me why she felt ‘scared’ in her words about going to try Tennis. Apparently it was because we had watched a lot of Andy Murray on the TV and she thought the person on the other side of the net to her was going to be hitting the tennis balls at her at the same speed as him and she wouldn’t be able hit it/or would get hit in the face with the ball – which would hurt!  Bless her.

After a brief discussion about beginners tennis and the fact that Andy Murray was not going to be hitting a ball at her anytime soon she was happy to head off to her first tennis lesson.  It helped that her friend from next door was going too, and that she was going to get a free tennis racket if she made it to the end of the 6 week course.

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Great British tennis Weekend

Lily has quite simply LOVED it.  I was actually away when she received her tennis racket from the LTA and I was sent this photo of her and her friend with their new racquets, she looks so very proud.

So what now?  Well now we need to find some lessons for Lily to take during the Summer.  I’d like her to try and do a course in the mornings when we get back from Greece. However I don’t know how to play tennis (badminton yes but tennis and me have never quite got on) and if she is going to be able to play, I need to be able to play with her on the local courts and encourage this new love.  So where do I start?

Timed to co-incide with the Brits love of Wimbledon (whether you are a usual fan of Tennis fans or not Wimbledon is part of us) it is the Great British Tennis Weekend on 16th and 17th July 2016.  So this seems as good an opportunity as any.  If you visit ClubSpark you can search for your local court and you can book your family into a FREE session including family time, cardio tennis and free play. Sessions are completely FREE of charge and rackets and balls are provided. So that’s what I need to do.  I need to get that session booked and then me and my eldest can spend some time together playing around on the Courts this summer. I may even get the four year olds to try too and then we can all team up to play Daddy!

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I’m working with the Lawn Tennis Association to promote the Great British Tennis Weekend. Visit ClubSpark now to find free activities on 16-17 July at your local tennis clubs!


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  1. I really wish Dexter was a little bit more open minded about trying tennis – but he is 12 after all lol. I’m hoping they’re going to start playing it at school and he’ll become a convert!


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