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Travel Tips: Craft Time Mosaics

Travel Tips: Craft Time Mosaics

Craft Time Mosaics are perfect for travelling with kids!

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Earlier in the Summer we got a large box of individually wrapped Craft Time Mosaics from Brainstorm for the girls to take away on holiday. Anyone who knows me well will know that I don’t just dislike craft, I positively detest it, and my girls will tell anyone who will listen that Mummy simply does not do craft!

Well let me tell you that Craft Time Mosaics are different.  They creates minimal fuss and minimal mess! Which is a win win for me.

Child playing with Craft Time Mosaics, a great travel tip for families

What is Craft Time Mosaic?

A lovely selection of colourful foam mosaic tiles, sometimes with gem stickers, it depends on the kit. All the squares are attached to a larger rectangle which means there are no little bits of paper to be pulled off the back.  You take the coloured mosaic tiles off the sheet and place them onto the design, easily following the coloured square pattern.

Who are they suitable for?

The packet tells you that they are suitable for children aged 3 +, but I’d disagree.  In my house at 3 they would have needed a lot of help with the tiny tiles and that would have meant it was suitable for children aged 3 + and their parents.  This is the bit about craft I do not like – me needing to be involved, with all three children at the same time. However by the time they are 4 my kids could do these on their own and loved doing so.  They would sit for a good half an hour if not more carefully sticking their mosaic tiles onto either the diaries we had, the smaller travel sized packs or the larger (pop in your suitcase sized) ones.

Why are Craft Time Mosaics great for travel?

Mainly because nothing else is needed.  You don’t need glue or paper or additional kit and they are small and light and cheap enough to buy a few to put in their backpacks for the flight/car journey/ferry etc!

Playing with Craft Time Mosaics on a ferry trip to France

Ps – We might have used these for travelling but I also think they would make a lovely birthday gift!

Craft Time Mosaics - A great way to entertain children when travelling. Find out what makes them good for travelling in my review, part of my travel tips series.


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Friday 13th of October 2017

I love the concentration on your girls faces. They were obviously a hit!

Cathy (Mummytravels)

Sunday 17th of September 2017

I know my daughter would adore these - we've had a few similar sticker mosaic books or craft mosaics and they are brilliant for planes etc. Although I always seem to have a few stuck to my socks!

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