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During my time running Monday Escapes there were some fantastic people who linked up some rather amazing posts about some amazing places. In order for me to find them again and to hopefully provide you with some inspiration I’ve set out below all their amazing posts.

So why not Travel by Inspire!  Find some trips that inspire you to travel.


Lisa said: “Like Nicky, I have recently visited the SS Great Britain with my family and can also vouch that it is a brilliant family friendly attraction. (Also like Nicky, I climbed the rigging and attempted to walk across the yard arm… its not for the faint hearted. My legs shake just thinking about it! Fantastic birds eye views over Bristol though!)

Monday Escapes

Claire also said “It was so interesting reading about the eerily beautiful village of Imber which was taken over for military training in the 1940s. Keri from Ladies What Travel tells the story of this place well.”

Imber-village-Ladies what Travel

This post by Travelling with our Kids made me really want to explore this part of Scotland this summer.


Claire enjoyed reading this post by Suzi from Raising Badgers about returning to a place she used to holiday as a kid with her own family. Claire said “I also used to spend a lot of my holidays in the Yorkshire Dales so this brought back a lot of great memories.”

yorkshire-dales-delight, Raising Badgers

Karen also LOVED the stunning photos in Kerri’Anne from Life As Our Little Family’s review of her wigwam glamping trip at May Half Term.

Lisa said:My kids are desperate for a dog and the main thing that puts me off is the logistics of what we would do with it when travelling so I found this post very enlightening! You clearly can still travel with a pooch.


I loved Your Dutch Guides post about LEEUWARDEN I’d never heard of this place at all but the combination of Beer, cheese, seals, and a prison you can eat in, makes this place sound like such fun.

Capital of culture LEEUWARDEN

Karen loved this post about Visiting the Merlet Animal Park from Picolo Explorer. You just have to go over and look at the pictures of the goats.

Piccolo Explorer

I thought: This post shows just how beautiful and idyllic this part of Spain is. I loved Heidi as a child and quite fancy showing the movie version to the girls this weekend and then taking them to see the villages. Getting Lost in the Spanish Mountains.

Sarah said she adored this post from Sharon at Exploring Our World. We all love a castle don’t we? And Sharon has gathered and awe inspiring collection in her post.

Exploring Our World

Claire said: This was hilarious to read and the videos also made me chuckle. A great reminder by the Gilbert family that travel doesn’t have to be serious. In fact, the crazier the better for making memories!

Monday Escapes


Sarah says: Angharads post from Mamma Travels Earth about visiting Heritage Le Telfair Mauritius made me want to book, this is my kind of holiday and the pictures had me longing for a deserted beach.


I thought: This post from LadiesWhatTravel made my heart jump into my mouth looking at all the people on the skybridge. Could you do it? Don’t Miss These 7 Things to See and Do in Langkawi!


This post by Dawn who writes 5 Lost Together is brilliant for anyone planning a similar trip to Uluru. I’d heard that Uluru was far out and that probably would have put me off, but this has made me think again!

Monday Escapes



Sarah said: I loved Caity’s post – Travel Expectations vs. Reality Through the Lens of Lake Atitlán which I felt was an honest encounter of how you should manage expectations on a trip. We have all had those disappointing moments haven’t we?

Sarah said that if street art is your thing Bryna from Dotted Line Travels’ post on street art in Montreal is awe inspiring. She said she could spend all day looking at street art. There is something so raw but so beautiful about it.

Dotted Line Travels

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