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Tinitell The First Phone Just for Kids

Tinitell The First Phone Just for Kids

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When I received an email in early December about Tinitell the new dedicated smartphone for kids, I did wonder whether my children – Izzy and Eve aged 5 and Lily 6 – really needed a mobile phone.

I spent quite a long time mooching around Tinitell’s website which I really like, it is very user friendly and the kids could find their way around it too.

The answer (even before these watches arrived) is quite obviously – No –  No they don’t need a mobile phone – they are 5 and 6. However I can see the use for them when we travel, particularly because they have GPS tracking.

The website describes the watch as a wearable mobile phone for kids that “enables peace of mind for parents, and lets kids be kids.”  The idea being that you can let them go a bit more, let them out of your sight and if they get lost they can call you or you can find them.

We have had lot of fun trying out these wearable smartphones and I think for children of around 8/9/10 they are an absolutely fabulous idea for daily use.  So why? What are the features we like?

Firstly they look good.  They come in a range of colours. We have the mint, coral and navy.

Tinitell The First Phone Just for Kids

Tinitell The First Phone Just for Kids

They feel substantial and durable, yet they are apparently comfortable and don’t get in the way. Win win.

They are also splashproof!

They don’t look like a phone, which means I don’t think they look ridiculously pinchable.

They have secure fastenings and stay on their wrist, reducing the possibility of loosing them.

They are voice activated.  The kids are able to record the name of their contact so when they scroll through the contact list using the +/- buttons the Tinitell will say the name of the contact (such as Mummy) in their voice (or yours).  Tinitell will call the number you have assigned to the voice label. It’s also possible to move through the contacts you have set (up to 12) using the physical buttons, then just wait until it speaks the name of the person they wish to call.

Only the 12 people in their contacts can call them, so you know exactly who can call them.

A five year old can easily use it, which means a 10 year old can definitely do!

When I mentioned the watches/phones to a friend with a ten year old she said she thought it would be the perfect solution for her son.  She thinks he is too young to have a phone – he would only loose it – but she would like to allow him to cross the road from school and got to his after school activity, without having to go to school and make sure he is there.  He could call her, or she could check on her app to see where he is.

Checking the app brings me to the final reason, the GPS tracking. As the watch/phone is aligned to your app on your phone, you can check where you child is at a a click of a button.  When they are 5/6 – they will be where you can see them – but as they get older they may be down the street/at a friends house/playing out in the park.  This way there is a smart and safe way of finding them!

Tinitell The First Phone Just for Kids

Tinitell The First Phone Just for Kids

Tinitell The First Phone Just for Kids

So how do they work in 3 steps?

You simply buy a 2g Sim Card from the list of compatible networks in the UK. We bought an EE one.

Connect the Tinitell to the Smartphone you want to align it to. We have aligned them all to my phone.

Add up to 12 friends and family and you’re done!

NB: We were sent the Tinitell’s to review however all views and opinions are my own.

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A wearable phone just for kids!

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Monday 20th of August 2018

I can't seem to find where to purchase one of these in the UK?

Mini Travellers

Monday 20th of August 2018

I'm afraid I can't anymore either

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