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Three Drinking Bottles for Kids That Actually Work

Three Drinking Bottles for Kids That Actually Work

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We take drinks and picnics everywhere with us on our day trips and holidays. One reason for this is to save money but the main reason is because we only need to get in the car and my girls decide they need a drink or a snack, it’s like a default request.

So for that reason I always have drink bottles in my bag and they need to not leak! So having bought and thrown away lots of drink cups over the years; the main culprits have leaked in my changing bag making nappies unusable, ruined the picnic, or perhaps worse covered my own handbag in sticky juice, these are 3 of the best we have ever had, and are still using!

Tommy Tippee Explora Active Sipper Cups

3 Drinking Bottles for Kids that actually work

Ours are now 4 years old and they have been until recently our default choice of cup.  They simply do not leak and can be upside down in your bag/handbag, thrown on the floor etc etc.  They have been through the dishwasher more times than I could count and are still fine.  For my 4 and 5 year olds the only downside is that they think they are starting to look a little babyish and they have had them since they were 1 so I can’t blame them for that. There is also a little white piece of plastic in the lid that if it comes off makes it leakable. It doesn’t come off unless you take it off to wash it, but you do need to make sure you put it back on properly.

I can’t find them on the Tommee Tippee website so it is possible they have stopped making them, but they are available on Amazon. At £15.99 each on Amazon I accept that they may seem expensive but if you work on the basis that you might well use them for 4 years then that equates to pretty good value to me. Highly recommended.

Thermos Floral FUNtainer Straw Bottle – 355 ml, Pink

3 Drinking Bottles for Kids that actually work

These are the most recent ones we have tried.  Again we have three and I think these are excellent, well worth the money. They simply don’t leak. They can be thrown about, dropped, left upside down in a bag and they don’t leak.  It’s made from strong steel with silicon straw & washer. It opens with push button which is easy to use and both the silicon straw and washer comes off for easy cleaning.

The difference with this bottle than the one above and below is that it keeps the juice or water cold which will be perfect for our holidays. We always take drink bottles away with us to take to the beach.  The only slight downside to these bottles is that they are a little heavier than the ones above and below.  Not so much of an issue for one, but if i’m carrying all 3 in a handbag I do notice the extra weight, slightly.

Again highly recommended and well worth the £13.99 price tag. You can buy these on Amazon here.

Camelbak Kids Eddy Bottle

We used these bottles all summer. We literally took them everywhere. They are light, they do not leak either and the girls like the design. I also like the fact that they aren’t pink or blue and the fox design seems to suit all.  They have loads of different designs too and I think I like them all. Have a look here.

They have been through the dishwasher loads, they went to Greece and Turkey and back. The only slight issue I have is that somehow I have lost one of the straws from one of the bottles so we can’t use that one now, so just one thing to look out for.

These bottles start at £11.99 on Amazon and I would highly recommend them. We have used them so much and want to carry on so I’m going to investigate getting another straw!

3 Drinking Bottles for Kids that actually work

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3 Drinking Bottles for Kids that actually work


NB: We were provided with the Camelbak and Thermos Funtainer for the purpose of the review but all views are our own.

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