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The Little Museum: Reviews

The Little Museum: Reviews

If you think you’d like to purchase The Little Museum but you’d like to see what other people think first you can find all the reviews we have from kids who’ve bought the book at the bottom of this page (we think these are the best ones!) but there are also some lovely reviews from grown ups below too!

 Hilarious hijinks and carefully planted clues will lead readers through a fun mystery until they work out who is causing havoc in France. The story leaves readers wanting more and looking forward to the next instalment in Barcelona, Spain.

Scope for Imagination – You can read their full review here.

Someone is stealing important French landmarks. This calls for The League of Extraordinary Travellers, a magic map and a race across France. Lucy and Tom learn their parents are part of this secret society and the family work together to solve the mystery, travelling across France on the hunt for a surprising villain. This is the first in a new series and it is so cleverly written, with French vocabulary and facts throughout the story to enhance the readers understanding of France and the landmarks. A short but fast paced story will appeal to all readers with the promise of a new mystery for The League of Extraordinary Travellers. A charming new series!

My Shelves are Full

Lively and witty and filled with fun facts, language and travel tips, The Little Museum is an exciting start to what promises to be a magical adventure series for ages 8-11. Buy the book here: The Little Museum (£7.99).

Babes about Town

It would make a lovely Christmas gift or just a little surprise treat for travel-loving kids who’s dreams have been a bit thwarted this year!

Becky from Family Budgeting

Siblings Lucy and Tom stumble across a family secret and become the newest recruits to the League of Extraordinary Travellers. When the Eiffel Tower is stolen, they step in to help and adventure ensues. A fantastic book that blends mystery with facts about the country the story is set in. The Little Museum is the first title in the series which will feature different destinations from around the world.

Naomi – You can read the full review here

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