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The Gin Workshop at Brindle Distillery the home of Cuckoo Gin

The Gin Workshop at Brindle Distillery the home of Cuckoo Gin

Last Thursday Sarah and I were invited to attend a gin workshop at Brindle Distillery near Chorley in Lancashire. It’s the home of Cuckoo Gin and they wanted us to come along to their Gin Distillery, taste lots of gin and then tell you all about it. We were delighted to attend – all in the interests of letting you all know what it was like – obviously!

So what is a Gin Workshop?

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This gin workshop is a 3-4 hour experience for the keenest of gin fans (and you can definitely put Sarah and I in that category).  There is an informal talk about the creation of the distillery (where we found out all about the sustainability of the place, but more on that later) and all about their award winning Cuckoo Gins.  Whilst you listen to the chat you are served with the first of four gins, before a full tour of the distillery is undertaken, some more gin is drunk and thankfully you are given some nibbles to soak up the booze too!

The main part of the workshop is then to pick your own botanicals and create a gin recipe to distill in your very own mini gin still. After distillation, you package your full size 70cl bottle of gin and have it signed off by the Master Distiller. The recipe is then kept on file and is available for reordering in the future from our website.

The whole Gin Workshop including a full bottle of gin and 4 double gins is £95.  The gin workshops are really popular and do book out quite quickly so make sure you get your tickets as soon as you can if you fancy it.

The Gin Workshop at Brindle Distillery the home of Cuckoo Gin

The Brindle Gin Workshop costs £95 and is a 3 hour session


Where is Brindle Distillery?

Brindle Distillery is near Chorley in Lancashire – on the way up to the Lakes if you’re southern!

Sandy Lane, Holmes Farm, Brindle, Lancashire PR6 8LZ

T 01772 323313


What is Brindle Distillery’s USP and what makes Cuckoo Gin so special?

Brindle Distillery make their own gin from scratch, and are one of only 8 places in England to do so. Most buy in the base spirit and then add the botanicals. Not so at Brindle. Practically everything is made onsite. Water from the local spring, waste from the gin fed to the cows, waste from the cows powers the bio mass plant that warms the stills, heats the fans and lights and the electric lights.

It really is sustainability in action!

The Gin Workshop at Brindle Distillery the home of Cuckoo Gin

So why is it called Cuckoo Gin?

Someone from Brindle is called a Cuckoo! That’s about it but I love it, what a great name. It’s local though and through. Even the fab design on the bottle has been drawn by a local lady “Dorothy’ who lives just down the lane, and the great big still is called Maggie after the families Great Aunt who lived to 104 and wore by her gin!

What have Cuckoo Gin achieved?

In only 2 years they have built a brand from scratch, are stocked in Booths and Selfridges and many independents too, and have worn a plethora of awards!

Things can only get better too with more gins in the pipeline, Cuckoo Distillery Tours as well as the workshops, and regular openings of the bar in the distillery where a double gin and tonic is just £4.25! Now that’s even worth the train fare from London!

The Gin Workshop at Brindle Distillery the home of Cuckoo Gin

What did we think of the Gin Workshop overall?

We loved it! We had fun making our own gin, although to be fair mine tastes a little like paint stripper, proving that making good gin isn’t quite as easy as people might think. Sarah however might tell me I’m wrong as she picked up an award (a pot of cuckoo jam) for the 2nd best gin made that night! I’m not sure I’ll ever hear the end of that!

We loved it so why not give it a try!

You can also read Sarah’s review of the Gin Workshop here!

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