The Blackpool Tower Dungeon ‘Home of Halloween’


This is a guest post by Sharon who visited on behalf of Mini Travellers as guests of the Dungeon! Guests are advised to be 8plus to visit!

Along with my husband, 9 year old nephew, and 8 year old daughter, we visited the Blackpool Dungeon today- the first day of the October half term holiday. With Halloween approaching we thought the Dungeons would be the perfect day out.

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As the tickets were pre booked, we were able to collect them from the booking office just 5 minutes prior to the 2pm start time, with virtually no queueing involved.

The actual process of finding the booking office was however, far from straight forwards with us having to walk from the front of the building, through a busy arcade, down a very busy and narrow corridor, only to have to leave the building at an exit to the street at the rear, to be directed back into the building further down the street. Incredibly, this route we followed was indicated by signage. As a tip, if you find yourself visiting this attraction, go straight around the outside of the building to the entrance away from the prom, to save a 10 minute struggle through a crowded and confused arcade and corridor.

Once at the booking office, the staff were great and took a real interest in making the event special for the kids. This was a theme which ran through the entire visit, and the staff were fantastic throughout. The process of booking in also involves the opportunity to buy drinks vouchers at a discounted rate (£2.50 instead of £4.00) should anybody want to call at the bar at the end of the show.
The basic format involved being led from one room to another, with young actors giving some amusing ‘Horrible Histories’ style anecdotes, whilst ribbing and jumping out at some of the older visitors for laughs along the way.

For people who’ve been to London Dungeon, in comparison the Blackpool experience seemed to be somewhat shorter in terms of time (approximately 50 minutes), with slightly fewer ‘rooms’ to be taken through. Also, the finale at the London version of the event is a short ride called ‘The Drop’, which all the kids were allowed on- in Blackpool however, height restrictions meant that the 8 and 9 year olds, whilst average to tall for their ages, we’re not able to ride. The specific restriction was 1.4 metres, so you might want to measure your kids before booking to avoid disappointment at the end.

All in all, the show was enjoyable, however if you’re travelling from far away you’ll probably want to make it part of an itinerary containing more than the 50 minute Dungeon trip alone, or you’ll be back on the motorway before you know it.
For other ideas of things to do in Blackpool why not visit the Pleasure Beach see the Illuminations or visit Madame Tussauds.

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