Taino Bay At Puerto Plata Cruise Port, A Gem Of The Caribbean


A LOT has changed in the Dominican Republic and after tens of millions of pounds of investment! We have to tell you Puerto Plata Cruise Port may well be the destination jewel in the crown of your Caribbean Cruise.  Amber Cove Cruise Port is Carnival Cruise Lines cruise terminal where Carnival, Princess and Cunard dock.

Cruising with NCL we were able to stop at Taino Bay in Puerto Plata. This is a vibrant, buzzing cruise port with so much to do and see. Of course, your cruise line will offer a choice of shore excursions. However, if you want to get off and explore on your own, it’s easy to do and all within walking distance. 

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What To Do In Puerto Plata Cruise Port & Taino Bay

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie.

Taino Bay opened in 2021 and reinvented the Dominican Republic Cruise port, Puerto Plata as the Caribbean Island Hideaway for cruise ships and cruise passengers, that has it all. Named Taino Bay after the Taino people who inhabited Puerto Plata centuries before Christopher Columbus arrived in the early 1500s.

Where Is Puerto Plata?

Taino Bay, Photo Credit Sarah Christie
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie.

Puerto Plata is on the Northern Coast of The Dominican Republic. Best known for its glorious weather, white sandy beaches and mining of the the precious stone Amber.  The currency in Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata is the Dominican peso. However we were able to us US dollars and the machine at the port takes most UK, US charge and credit cards. 

How To Get To Taino Bay From The Cruise Terminal

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie.

It’s only a 5 minutes walk along the dock. But Taino Bay also offers the option of jumping on a free TukTuk down to port. Tipping is optional, and the TukTuks hold 4 adults, these are also available to return to the ship after your day in port. 

When you arrive at the end of the dock you’re met by a vibrant buzzing gated Caribbean village. This has been create exclusively for cruisers who have arrived in the Dock or Tiano Bay. This gated entertainment community is staffed by locals who are friendly and vibrant people offering a warm welcome. 

Which Cruise Lines Stop At Taino Bay, Puerto Plata Cruise Port?

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising With Kids.
  1. Norwegian Cruise Line 
  2. Celebrity Cruise Line
  3. Virgin Voyages 
  4. Royal Caribbean 
  5. MSC Cruises

What’s At Taino Bay, Puerto Plata Cruise Port

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie.

You will arrive at a Welcome Centre with bathrooms, a central fountain and an ATM. This leads you through to the resort where you will find all of the following amenities, many free to use, plus free WI-FI to use whilst you are spending time in the sun.

Make sure as you walk along towards the village, you look back towards the ship to see the gargantuan Monkey art installation with the ship in the background. It’s a magnificent piece of art.

White Sandy Beaches With Loungers

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie.

The beach reaches along the bay, it isn’t huge, but whilst we were there it wasn’t busy. There were loungers available if you want to chill on the beach but not go too far away. Tip, take towels from the towel cart as you leave the ship to use at the beach.

A Huge Pool

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie.

The pool at Taino Bay is huge and free to use, with a swim-up pool bar, music playing, and lots of comfy padded loungers with umbrellas offering shade and space to chill. There are also restaurants nearby for you to grab a spot of lunch. Additionally if you are traveling with children the pool has a walk in shallow area, so it’s safe for kiddies getting in and out of the pool

Bars And Restaurants 

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie.

There are many bars and restaurants within the complex. You can choose to sit in the middle of the buzz and take in the atmosphere, or indeed, head to the other side of the complex where it’s a little more chilled. 

The vibe in all the restaurants is cool, with various seating, including hammocks and hanging chairs. Food and drinks were inexpensive, and the cocktails were delicious; try out the Mango Daiquiri. 

Aviary Spots Around The Complex

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie.

There are open aviaries dotted around the complex with parrots, sat chilling. They again looked happy to interact with their keepers. But they are mainly left alone to chill in their botanical garden areas. 

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