Symphony of the Seas, Everything You Need to Know About This Oasis Class Ship, With Photos

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We will take a photo tour and review all of the places you can visit on Royal Caribbean International’s cruise ship Symphony of the Seas. Let’s explore Everything You Need to Know about Symphony of the Seas before your cruise vacation! This includes all our hints and tips on where to enjoy your dinner, where to get away from the crowds and what not to miss on one of Royal Caribbean’s largest ships.

Take a Look at the Impressive Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas in Photos

Symphony of the Seas slides And top deck
Photo Credit: Donna Vallance

Symphony is a ship with all the thrills and is action-packed with surf simulators, a sports zone and all sorts of family rooms with dynamic setups. Now there is so much to do on board it is worth doing your research before you embark. Let’s find all it has to offer for families and individuals.

Symphony Of The Seas launched in April 2018 and, at the time was the biggest ship on the sea. At its launch, Symphony of the Seas set the benchmark as the largest cruise ship worldwide. It is an Oasis Class Ship that holds 6,680 passengers at full capacity with 2,759 cabins and a crew of 2200. Symphony of the Seas is a cruise ship owned by Royal Caribbean International. Here are some facts about this impressive vessel:

Amenities Galore

Symphony of the Seas view of the 10 story Abysss
Photo Credit: Donna Vallance

The ship boasts an impressive array of amenities, including multiple pools, water slides, a zipline, surf simulator, rock-climbing walls, Broadway-style entertainment, a casino, a mini-golf course, and numerous dining options.

These are some of the activities you will find on the Royal Caribbean daily planner;

  • Dance classes
  • Meet ups for different groups of people
  • Quizzes 
  • Wine tastings 
  • Chocolate buffets 
  • Craft classes
  • Art exhibitions
  • live singing

Unique Entertainment Venues

Symphony of the Seas hairspray show Cast on stage
Photo Credit: Donna Vallance

It features innovative entertainment venues like the AquaTheater, showcasing high-diving performances, and the Ultimate Abyss, a thrilling 10-story slide. The Entertainment Place by day is open for glow-in-the-dark laser tag battle or ice skating at a full-scale ice rink and by night, everything from late-night dancing to after-hour comedy shows.  You can experience the following in the Entertainment place:

  • The Royal Theatre where you can see productions of Tony Award-winning Broadway musicals HairsprayFlight and Dare to Dream.
  • Studio B showcases the original ice skating extravaganza named 1977. The venue also hosts the new glow-in-the-dark laser tag adventure, Battle for Planet Z.

Distinct Neighborhoods

Carousel on Symphony of the Seas close up of horse
Photo Credit: Donna Vallance

Like other Oasis Class ships, Symphony of the Seas is divided into distinctive neighborhoods, offering various experiences, such as Central Park, Boardwalk, Royal Promenade, and the Entertainment Place.

The Boardwalk neighborhood is fun for all of the family and is in the open air you will find these places on the Boardwalk;

  • Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade where families can cheer on their home team playing on any of the 31 big-screen TVs
  • Sugar Beach candy and ice cream shop is on the sweet spot on the Boardwalk! You can even decorate cookies!
  • The AquaTheater is an open-air amphitheater-style entertainment space unique to Royal Caribbean. Which includes a pool! Here on the Boardwalk you can watch movie screenings and game shows by day and stunning aqua acrobatics shows and high-diving by night.
  • A full-size, hand-carved carousel
  • Johnny Rockets and the Boardwalk Dog House
  • rock climbing walls
  • Voltar, the fortune teller

Specialty Dining

Central Park Symphony of the Seas from above
Photo Credit: Donna Vallance

The ship offers a wide range of specialty restaurants, serving diverse cuisines, from seafood and Italian to Asian and steakhouse selections. Central Park is a great place for this. Central Park is an open outdoor Park in the centre of the ship, which features more than 20,700 plants. A winding pathway that leads to seating places, retail boutiques, live entertainment and restaurants. You will find the following in Central Park restaurants in Central Park:

  • 150 Central Park
  • Chops Grille
  • Jamie’s Italian
  • Vintages wine bar.
  • Park Café

Great Pools and Slides to Choose From

Slides on Symphony of the Seas cyclone
Photo Credit: Donna Vallance

The Symphony is a child’s and adult playground alike! With a combination of relaxing and adrenaline-inducing experiences, this neighborhood is home to five types of pools and some great open-air activities on Symphony of the Seas, including;

  • The Ultimate Abyss is the tallest slide at sea!
  • The Perfect Storm trio of waterslides are Cyclone, Supercell and Typhoon.
  • Splashaway Bay is a vibrant waterscape for kids and toddlers.
  • The adults-only Solarium is a multistory indoor/outdoor retreat ideally positioned at the front of the ship with whirlpools.
  • Hooked Seafood
  • The sports deck 
  • Flowrider surf simulators

Family-Friendly Activities

Symphony of the Seas mini golf
Photo Credit: Donna Vallance

With dedicated zones for kids and teens, the ship provides extensive facilities and activities suitable for families. Some of the amazing facilities include:

  • Flowrider
  • Laser Tag
  • 2 Rock Climbing Walls
  • Zip Wire
  • Sport Court
  • Studio B Ice Rink
  • The Perfect Storm Water Slides
  • Ultimate Abyss
  • Puzzle Break Centre
  • Wonder Playscape Area
  • Wonder Dunes Miniature Golf
  • Carousel
  • Mini Golf

Kids Clubs that Rock!

Photo Credit: Donna Vallance

Be warned, the kid’s clubs are the best; you will be begging the kids to spend time with you as there is so much for them to do. Fortunately, the Zoom wifi and app is a great way of keeping track of older kids or teens if they have self-sign out from kids’ clubs.

The Kids Clubs on Symphony of the Seas are;

  • Adventure Ocean Babies 6- 36 months
  • Aquanauts 3-5 years
  • Explorers 6-8 years
  • Voyagers  9-11 years
  • Youngers Teens 12-14 years
  • Older Teens 15-17 years

State-of-the-art Accommodations

Symphony of the seas two bedroom grand suite seating area

From interior cabins to lavish suites, the ship offers a range of accommodations, including innovative balcony cabins overlooking Central Park and Boardwalk areas. Choose from an inside cabin or even a Royal Suite.

Explore Odyssey of the Seas!

Odyssey of the Seas msn
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie

Explore Royal Caribbean Odyssey of the Seas. Odyssey of the Seas was launched in 2021 as the second in the Quantum Ultra Class ships behind Spectrum of the Seas, which was launched into the. fleet in 2019. The vessel holds 5,510 passengers at full capacity and cruises at 22 knots. She has 16 decks, 14 of which are passenger decks. The other two decks are the service and crew decks, serviced by 17 guest elevators.

Explore Royal Caribbean’s Kids Clubs

Symphony of the Seas Outdoor basketball court
Photo Credit: Donna Vallance

When booking a family cruise, one main thing is ensuring that everyone, including the kids, will be happy. Will there be enough for the kids to do, what will the kids’ club be like, and are there enough places for them to play? In this Ultimate Guide To Royal Caribbean Kids Clubs we will find out what to expect when booking your next cruise with kids on Royal Caribbean.

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