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SkyBaby Travel Mattress Review | Mini Travellers

SkyBaby Travel Mattress Review | Mini Travellers

We recently flew for around 6 hours with our 9 month old baby to Cape Verde and were intrigued to test out the SkyBaby as given the length of the flight, keeping him – and us – comfy was a real priority.  The SkyBaby travel mattress is meant to be used when flying with a baby and is suitable from birth upwards.  It’s 56cm long and just under 30cm wide when folded around baby.

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The Skybaby travel mattress compresses into a small bag and once unfolded, you can insert the seat belt straps through the mattress to enable baby to be securely held.  The head support has additional padding and there are toggles to keep the wings of the mattress closed around baby.

What we liked about Sky Baby Travel Mattress…

  • Our nine month old does fit in it. We were concerned that he would be a bit too big (he’s around 70cm long) & whilst this is probably better aimed at smaller babies (0-6 months) it did still work to provide extra padding for us both.
  • It’s comfy for both baby and adult to use and nice and compact.It clipped on the outside of my cabin bag and was no extra effort to take.
  • Whilst it’s advertised for flights I think it would also be useful on longer train journeys.
  • Sky Baby was really helpful for stopping arm ache and much more comfortable than just holding our son especially in an economy seat.It forms a more solid shelf giving baby something consistent to rest again and protecting baby from the arm rests.
  • The head support is really padded.
  • The toggles are very interesting for a baby who is teething!

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What we weren’t so keen on with the Sky Baby Travel Mattress …

  • The clasp is pretty loose so comes undone quite easily- this doesn’t affect performance but is a minor irritation as the wings that wrap around baby don’t always stay closed.
  • Baby tends to slip down a bit even with the seat belt on so there’s a bit of readjusting to avoid the seatbelt riding up but maybe that’s just my wriggly baby though!

What’s worth being aware of with the Sky Baby Travel Mattress…

  • I tend to feed on take off and baby then often falls asleep. We flew with TUI who don’t allow you to use Sky Baby during take off and I found it too disruptive to fit the mattress once he’s asleep.
  • I use a travel pillow under my supporting arm which makes holding a baby much more comfortable on flights. I still found I wanted to use this as whilst Sky Baby protects baby’s head, it doesn’t provide any extra protection against the arm for whoever’s holding the baby.

Overall Sky Baby Travel Mattress

Quality: it’s well made with a good level of padding. The fabric is meshed internally so probably good for temperature control but makes it harder to get biscuits out of it if they eat whilst sitting on it!

Design & functionality: The toggles are the only niggle. It’s helpful to have a good quality clip on the carry bag.

Value for money: The product retails at around £30 online.  We were given a complimentary Sky Baby for this review, I’m not sure I’d spend £30 unless I was flying frequently with a young baby.

The Sky Baby was really good quality and helpful on a long-ish flight.  We’ve flown 8 times with our baby since he was born and I wish we’d had this product when he was much smaller as I think we’d have got more use from it.  I would recommend for 0-6 month olds in particular and it might be worth sharing between friends if you’re not going to use it regularly.

Available to buy directly from SkyBaby  who will send worldwide, and  from Amazon at £29.98 /$34.99 SkyBaby travel mattress for Air Travel

SkyBaby Travel Mattress Review

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