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Road Trip Guide & Essential Car Checks

Road Trip Guide & Essential Car Checks

To have the best experience on your road trip you’ve to rely on your car. Being prepared will save you a lot from road inconveniences that can ruin your trip. Therefore, carrying out maintenance tasks on your car should be necessary. To prevent any possibility of car breakdown which could lead to a trip disaster, below are guides on how to perform car checks to ensure a safe and adventurous road trip.

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Inspect Car Tyres
To have a good journey your car tyres should be in good condition. Tread depth and tyre pressure are the main things to be checked. With correct tyre pressure levels, neither overinflated nor underinflated, issues such as overheating, bumpy ride, blowouts and premature wear rarely happens. Besides, with deep enough treads, tyres last longer with no chances of gaining traction on the road. Therefore, in case of any tyre worn outs or damages, replacing them is the best option. If you want to get tyres in London – talk to experts at Iverson Tyres.

Check the Levels of Fluids
Car fluids include transmission and power steering fluids, brakes fluids, windshield washer fluids and engine oil. These are the life force of a car for it to function properly. Consequently, fill up your car tank appropriately to avoid a strenuous trip. For the other car parts using fluids, examine the last time they were lubricated and how far will be your trip to newly apply lubricants for effective functioning.

Check the Battery
Inspecting your car battery is a major thing for your road trip. Both undercharging and overcharging can seriously damage the life of a battery. Furthermore, if the starter produces a sluggish sound, it may be a dying battery or corrosion. In case of corrosion, clean up then continue with driving. For a dying or expired battery replacement is necessary.

Verify Electrical Equipment and Lights
Proper visibility when driving during early and late hours is needed. Hence, the condition of lights, wipers, interior and exterior lighting should be effective to operate may there be precipitation, fog or a rainfall. For any old or worn-out accessories, replacement should be done.

Car Servicing
Take your car for servicing to ensure everything is set properly before going for a long trip. This will keep your car in top form all the time. Moreover, you need to be sure nothing is missing and your car is in a good state hence least expecting any trouble throughout the trip.

Final thoughts

Road trips add to the best memorable experiences therefore you don’t want to ruin it with car breakdowns.

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Mama Sprout

Tuesday 31st of August 2021

Thank you for the great guide. It’s always good to have a reminder of the essentials. We all seem to have a get up and go mentality these days and forget to check for the basics. You see so many broken down cars when out on the motorways.

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