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Review: Zip World | Treetop Nets | Tree Hoppers | Fforest Coaster Snowdonia

Review: Zip World | Treetop Nets | Tree Hoppers | Fforest Coaster Snowdonia

Take a look at our review of Zip World | Treetop Nets | Tree Hoppers | Fforest Coaster in Snowdonia

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Treetop Nets at Zip World in Snowdonia

is an amazing idea as you get to trampoline, tumble, slide and play with huge inflatable balls high up in nets up in the trees. It is literally like a breath of fresh air compared to indoor trampoline parks! There’s even a tree top chill out area. Our tickets lasted for 2 hours which was longer than we needed but it did mean that some of our group could sit and have a drink or their lunch whilst others carried on playing and that we didn’t feel rushed at all. This was our first activity and I was glad that we had taken changes of clothes for the kids as the nets don’t look wet but because they are high up in the trees there was a lot of moisture. The kids loved the slides, timing each-other running around the treetop course and playing dodge ball. We had 4 children aged from 4 to 10 ½ (my 8 year old daughter has written the reviews for the other 2 activities) and all of them played happily for almost the whole 2 hours. A bonus is that whilst you are on the tree-top nets you have a great view of people doing the Plummet parachute drop ride next to you! We didn’t get to go on that one but we would love to return to have a go. There are 5 activities to do at the location that we visited (just in between LLanwrst and Betws Coed) and we did Treetop Nets, Tree Hoppers and the FForest Coaster. We were kept occupied for most of the day doing those 3 activities (from 1130-430) but the location is close enough to Betws to go there for lunch and have a wander around the shops or down the river, which was in fact what we did, if you want a full day out. We took packed lunches which we left in the car until we needed them. There are 2 car parks which are on site and only a minutes walk from the activities and so there is no need to carry a picnic around all day. The only toilets are the festival type “port-a-loo” ones, which were actually very clean even though it was a bank holiday weekend. The staff are very knowledgeable, really patient and helpful. We all had a fantastic day out and would thoroughly recommend it.

Review: Zip World | Tree Top Nets | Treehoppers | Fforest Coaster

Tree Hoppers at Zip World in Snowdonia

by Olivia, aged 8. Tree Hoppers has zip wires and obstacles in the air and is for ages 5 to 12 years. It has a green and red course. I wore a long-sleeved top and leggings and my favourite comfy Converse trainers and I would recommend that kids wear clothes that are comfy and warm and they don’t mind getting dirty because it can get quite windy and sometimes cold. The green course is easier and shorter than the red course. The red course is really high and challenging. I went up on the green course with my two cousins, my sister, my mum and my auntie Ellie. There are obstacles like logs, ropes and climbing frames and much more. You have a harness on so that you don’t fall. On the zip wires, you can either sit down and push yourself off or you can just walk off the platform into the air and then zoom through the air on the zip wire. Only two people are allowed on each platform at the same time and there are junction boxes which you pull your harness through so that you can go onto the next obstacle. Sometimes you will feel scared and at some points you will feel really happy, but it’s good to remember all the time no matter how you feel that you are very safe. The people who work there are really kind and patient and they are there to help if you need them. Best of all I like the zip wires because they were really enjoyable.   My little sister who is five also liked the zip wires the best because she said that they made her heart feel really happy!

Review: Zip World | Tree Top Nets | Treehoppers | Fforest Coaster

The Fforest Coaster at Zip World in Snowdonia

by Olivia, aged 8. The Fforest Coaster had only been open for a week when we rode on it so everybody was really excited to see what it would be like. It is high up, very fast but safe. You have seat belts on and if you are aged 10 or over you can drive your own carriage. I went on with my big cousin Ollie who is 10 ½ and he was at the back driving and I was in front of him in the carriage. You start by going up 3 very steep hills and then you stop for about five seconds before something EPIC happens! You drop down really fast, around curves and bends and you actually feel like you are about to fall off the track because you are going so fast! My mummy was in the carriage behind us and I could hear her shouting “SLOW DOWN” to my big cousin but we didn’t listen and we went even faster! The driver has a big handle to pull to go faster and slower but my big cousin went super fast! The staff helped me understand that it might be scary but that it was very safe. It was the fastest rollercoaster I have ever been on! If you are going too fast a computer will automatically slow your carriage down and if the carriage behind you is about to nudge into you the computer will also slow it down. You have a wristband to wear which allows you to do three rides and the queues were not big at all and while you wait you get to see all the other people coming down the ride and hear them screaming. Whilst waiting in the queue you feel really happy and excited and quite nervous but when you go on the real thing it’s a mix-up between feeling happy and thrilled. That was our last activity of the day and we loved it the best.

Zip World Fforest Coaster Teaser from Zip World UK on Vimeo.

NB: Olivia and her family were invited to Zip World to review but all views and opinions are their own.

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Friday 7th of July 2017

This looks amazing, a load more fun than your standard Go Ape

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