Reasons to visit Mousses Villas in Greece

Reasons to Visit Mousses Villas in Greece

In 2017 we went back to Mousses Villas Lefkada, Greece. We went back to the same resort, with the same company being Simpson Travel, the exact same two weeks as the year before.

A family we met last year were there too, and we took some of our best friends with us.  With all the places in the world to visit and for a family whose motto is to Explore Dream Discover why would we do this? Well because last year we deemed Mousses to be Practically perfect in every way. You can read last year’s review here!

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Reasons to Visit Mousses Villas in Greece
For this! For Blue Skies and Peace!

Well there are our reasons, and then there are the kids reasons!  Have a read and I think you’ll see why we went back to Mousses Villas Lefkada these family friendly villas in Greece. For a more detailed review of our visit last year, click here.

In no particular order why we went back to Mousses Villas Lefkada:

Turtle Club – We love it because it is small, it is run by English registered nannies, we get 3.5 hours to relax, read books, sunbathe, swim and actually talk to each other.  They love it because they get to do fancy dress, have a party, play games and do craft.  They love it because they can do just what kids love doing every day.

Date Night – We loved it because we got to go out and have fab wine and food with friends and the kids loved it because they got to go to film club in their pyjamas. Win win!

Reasons to Visit Mousses Villas in Greece
Fab Wine and Cheese plate on Date Night

Paris (barman extraordinaire) – Yes he deserves his own heading.  We loved him because he was kind to the kids, he was patient, he put films on for them in the bar, he knew all our names, he made sure he looked after everyone.  The kids loved him because he made them feel like they were VIP children, and because he smiled and gave them apple juice and ice cream.

Reasons to Visit Mousses Villas in Greece
At Paris’s Bar

Safe – We loved Mousses Villas Lefkada because it feels safe, it is gated, it is quiet, there are like minded parents all looking out for each other.  The kids loved it because they could run about without someone saying, don’t do that or come back here!

Reasons to Visit Mousses Villas in Greece
Peaceful Swimming Pool

Quiet- With only 10 villas at Mousses Villas Lefkada sharing the same pool (which is huge) it never ever felt busy and at times we had the whole place to ourself which we loved.  The kids loved it because they didn’t ever have to over share anything, always useful when you’re under 5

Reasons to Visit Mousses Villas in Greece

Swimming Pool – If you ask any of my three they will tell you they loved Greece because of the pools.  One big one for swimming, and one small one for playing.  We loved it because it never felt full, it was gated so the kids couldn’t get in without us and it was blissful when all the kids were at Turtle Club.

Friends – We all loved Mousses Villas Lefkada because we had a wonderful time with friends. Cheesy I know but it was fab!

Reasons to Visit Mousses Villas in Greece

Villa with hotel facilities – We loved the fact that we could sit on our own patio and eat food from the restaurant.  It’s good value and even better value when you can drink your own wine.  The kids loved the fact that they could have breakfast whenever they wanted as we had our own kitchen, and they could have snacks and ice pops from the freezer.

These are just some of the things we loved.  We had an amazing time and can’t thank Paul, Suzanne, Natasha, Paris and the rest of the team at Mousses Villas Lefkada enough.  Oh and the kids loved the different coloured sheets on the bed – mustn’t forget that!

If you have pre-schoolers and looking for somewhere small and relaxed. Book it, you’ll have a fabulous time!

NB: We paid full price for our holiday at Mousses Villas Lefkada, this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are our own!

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Reasons To Stay At Mousses Villa In Greece
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  1. This is SUCH a great recommendation Karen — it sounds absolutely heavenly! Due to my boy setting up his own business, we haven’t had a holiday abroad for nearly 6 years — and no more than 4 days away at a time in the UK either — but when we do next book a sunshine holiday, I shall definitely be bookmarking this — it looks perfect. Thanks for sharing x

  2. Ah Karen I love the photo of you all, from this and from seeing all your photos while you were away it really does sound amazing and perfect for a family. I like the sound of these pyjamas and film clubs, must be so nice to spend some time together in peace and the pool really does look fantastic. What a great recommendation! xx

  3. Karen this holiday looks idyllic, we have never been on holiday where there is a kids club or babysitting but to be honest think we have been missing a trick! I would really love to go here, I love Greece, the beaches, people, climate and most of all the food. x

  4. Such a fab review Karen, it looks so beautiful and I love the fact that it is peaceful what more can you ask for. And the pool looks so amazing, I love following all your instagram pics xx

  5. Oh wow!!! It’s no wonder you wanted to go back here, it looks so amazing. Your pictures always make me smile as you guys always look like you’re having the best time. Seriously can’t wait for our week away!!

  6. That looks amazing! I can see why you go back. I do think kids love to go places a little bit familiar on holiday too. I love that there are only 10 families sharing the pool! Looks like a fantastic break! #summerfaves

  7. Oh wow, it looks AMAZING! Such a good solution between being totally isolated an being on a huge busy resort. Will definitely have to look into this some more. Thank you for linking up to #SummerFaves


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