The Little Museum: A children’s mystery adventure (Pre-Order)

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A magic map, a clever invention and an exciting race through France. The Little Museum is a page-turning travel adventure story for boys and girls aged 8-11 with a little bit of French thrown in for good measure. 

When Lucy and her younger brother, Tom, find out their mum is part of a group of Extraordinary Travellers they have no idea how much their life is going to change and what adventure awaits them.

Join them on their quest to discover why the Eiffel Tower has disappeared, what else the Little Museum is going to contain and why the President of France needs their help to find the missing treasures. 

Karen Beddow describes it as, a page turning mystery adventure with some French bits – the kind of story that I loved to read as a child, but with a little more culture.

If you want to hear a little sample of our book before you pre-order then you can listen to the first chapter here read…

Posted by Mini Travellers – Family Travel on Saturday, 25 July 2020

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This brand new book “The Little Museum”  is the first in The Extraordinary Travellers Series created by Karen Beddow of Mini Travellers, the multi award winning family travel blog with over 60,000 monthly views and Lyndsay Macaulay an education consultant with over a decade of experience working both in schools, colleges and schools publishing.

The idea for the “Extraordinary Travellers.” book series came about during the author’s many family discussions on trains planes and automobiles during family holidays.

Karen says “Getting to know the places you are visiting has always been important to us  but what was so inspiring was that when we were travelling the girls had so many questions. Why do they say this, where is that, what are they doing, how do they do that etc etc”

“As regular travellers we had a lot of the answers but all we had shown the girls before we went away was a couple of You-Tube videos and a tourism booklet.

We knew there had to be a better way to excite and inform children about where they were going but also to entertain them on the journey.” Hence the idea for the Extraordinary Travellers series was born.

We hope that the “Extraordinary Travellers” series will educate, inspire and entertain the children of those parents who love to travel, go on holiday or parents who just want to teach their kids more about the world and inspire them to understand it.



2 reviews for The Little Museum: A children’s mystery adventure (Pre-Order)

  1. Henry

    I really enjoyed reading this story as it involves adventure and magic. I learned loads of new French phrases because the story has in French vocabulary in it. I like the way the story alternates between the villains and the good guys so you get both perspectives. My favourite character is the Chief of Police because she is good at her job.

  2. Emma

    A fast paced and fun adventure that children will be sure to enjoy. Plus it’s educational too! Me and the kids really enjoyed reading this story together.

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